Because I Said So: January 2014
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wait it's already February?

Well, January is almost over (say what?!) and I haven't kept/worked on (barely) any of my resolutions or accomplished any of my goals.

Oh well, Febraury is a whole new month so

This month I'm going to really try to focus on a few of my 101 in 1001 goals and break them down in order to make them more attainable and hold me MORE things get done. This post is more for me, but I decided to let y'all in on the fun!

Open a RothIRA to save for retirement.
It's not hard. I just keep making excuses. Plus I'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone to strange financial institutions. I'm trying dad, I promise.

Create a gym routine (3x a week at least).
Just go. You're already paying way too much for it. So might as well get your money's worth.

Run one mile without stopping.

Clean out my closet(s).
I've already started :) One down, one to go.

Stick to a budget and track everything I spend.
Yikes. Ashley, I might need your help on this one.

Save every $5 bill –for fast and unexpected savings.
You won't even miss it. I hope.

Eat more vegetables.
Add one vegetable to every meal--besides breakfast, add fruit to that one. This will require meal planning, but you can do it!

These are all of the things I hope to get accomplished in February. And I'm going to need you guys to hold me accountable..please and thank you and of course because I said so!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Time I...

And now it's time for a TTI --
The time I was asked by a cop if I had been diagnosed for anxiety. Yep.
I'm letting y'all in on a little personal secret...I have bad (undiagnosed/self diagnosed) anxiety

Let me back up. 

Growing up as a kid, I was a real rule follower. Hated to get in trouble,--a.k.a it was the end of the world if I "pulled a slip" or "got a green sheet", tears, hated when other people broke the rules, etc. I blame my parents, but they say they did NOT contribute to my anxious tendencies. LIES.

fast forward twenty years, and here I am getting pulled over. WOMP WOMP WOMP. Nobody likes to get pulled over or wants to get pulled over, but for me its more serious. Tears immediately begin once I see those flashing lights turned on. I honestly can't help it. I have anxiety issues ok? Getting pulled over is one of the many triggers for my panic attacks.

Crap. I knew I wasn't speeding...SO WHY WAS HE PULLING ME OVER?? (Crying waterfalls here.)

As the routine, hi ma'am license and registration please, do you know why I pulled you over commenced, I am BAWLING. The officer can barely get a word in. Straight boo hooing with hiccups every once in awhile. I kinda feel bad for the poor cop, but then again he brought this upon himself.

The reason he pulled me over was because I had a headlight out. A HEADLIGHT OUT! Seriously how do these things happen to me? And how was I supposed to know????

More panic and more tears ensue as I realize I have never bought NOR changed a headlight (and it was a Sunday so I wasn't going to be around people who knew how to do that aka my dad!) What was I going to do?? The world is ending! I'm all alone. I have work tomorrow--HELP!

all of the thoughts running through my head at this point

While trying to calm me down, (nice try) he asked me about 100 times if I was going to be ok (um no hello--I would've been fine if you hadn't pulled me over) and if I had ever been diagnosed for anxiety (also a no) I probably should be. It would save me a lot of headaches and tears and headaches from the tears. Thank you sir for pointing that out, I'll just go cry myself to sleep. You have a nice night too!

Side note: it's a good thing I didn't know about the headlight because I didn't get a ticket. Also probably because he felt sorry for me.  Yep that was probably it.

Needless to say, it wasn't one of my finer moments and unfortunately I have to cope with little panic attacks over mostly dumb things every day.

If you have anxiety, I totally know how you feel--also if you've ever been pulled over for a headlight being out--you are so not alone
(because I said so)
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day

Snow report! 

We've seen some sighting of snow, mostly inside. Wait what? Snow inside?

 Exhibit A:

That's Laney for ya.

That's really all the snow I've seen. What a bummer. It's mostly just ice/sleet and it's not sticking outside  (much) so far. Nothing like the snow in Pittsburgh (guess I really am a "snow snob")
I'm crossing my fingers that the temperature will drop and the ice will start sticking. Crazy right? Sorry not sorry, I like love cold weather.

In other news, this "snow day" is going great. I've done a whole lot of nothing so far and I've loved every second. 

Please actually snow (because I said so)

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Monday, January 27, 2014


Well it looks like we have snow in the forecast for South Louisiana...AGAIN! 

This time, I have to admit, I'm a little bit excited and hope the snow accumulates like they are saying it will... fun?!

I will be trekking home to wait out the "storm." Because let's be real, there's better (read free) food and cooler people there. (movie?) 

Plus what am I supposed to do if my pipes freeze and/or the power goes out? Fend for myself?

I. Don't. Think. So.

Currently, though it is a balmy 65 degrees in good ole NOLA. So it's really hard to take any of this sneaux (pronounced snow) business seriously.

Regardless, I have grand plans to eat my weight in king cake, watch a ton of movies, and maybe get a little bit of work done too. What else are you supposed to do on a Louisiana sneaux day?

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Perfect End to a Productive Weekend

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of myself this weekend. 

Here's why.

I finally got my apartment clean. (insert tears of joy) Yep! A project that has been a few weeks months in the works is finally complete! All of the clothes washed, all of the pine needles (from my Christmas tree--hello it IS almost February) vacuumed.

Huge accomplishment.

And what better way to celebrate than hanging out with the boyfriend watching the Grammy's/ProBowl (if there's a football game on, you better believe Joshua is watching it), eating pizza and drinking (my new found love) beer--or in my case Redd's Apple Ale. 

And pretending we are back in college at a date party :)

Not too shabby of a Sunday night. 

I love nights like this where we both pretend we don't have work in the morning and let loose (read: sing all the songs preformed on the Grammy's and giving a running commentary) It may not sound like much, but for me it's all about the little things!

It really was a #sundayfunday

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Domestic Goddess

My Saturday= cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. 

Anyone jealous yet? 

But lets be honest, it needs to be done.

I know every weekend I say I'm going to clean and all that jazz, but this weekend I am!

I'm determined.

So far, I've braved the crowds at Walmart and Winn Dixie, bought a new lamp and some candles, made laundry detergent (see recipe below), had a Pinterest project fail, taken Laney on a bajillion walks, and even cooked a little #masterchefallison (garlic roasted new potatoes anyone?)

Exciting stuff. 

To be clear, making the laundry detergent was not the Pinterest project that failed.

To make your own laundry detergent:

1 box of Borax
1 box of Arm and Hammer baking soda
1 box of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Powder (yellow box)
1 bucket of OxyClean
1 bottle of Purex Crystals
1 bar of Fels Naptha (shredded)

Note: all can be found on the "laundry aisle"

Combine all into a big bucket and mix.

Viola! Fool proof.

All that's left is to put it in a pretty jar!  Use 1-3 tbls. per load depending on the size and how dirty your laundry is. I've read that a whole batch can last a year--but I'm hoping for at least 6 months! 

Still on the to do list for this weekend: meal plan for the week ahead,  wash the mountain (literally) of laundry I have, and tidy up the whole place (vacuum, make bed, etc).

The good news is, I still have a whole day to accomplish all of this. I guess I finally found that motivation I was looking for last week! 

What are you doing this weekend? 

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Friday, January 24, 2014

So Icy

Hell has frozen over...
Because it is is currently snowing/sleeting (ok so it's just really cold) in south Louisiana!

I'm sorry what?! 
Ok let me is currently sleeting/snow flurries/freezing. That's better. I'm not sure it's actually sticking anywhere.

Of course the state has gone into a panic--schools are closed, bridges are closed, people don't have power, AND (here's the kicker) the snow isn't even sticking! I would hate to see what it would be like if we got a few inches! Of course this makes me wish I was back in school so I didn't have to go to school (makes sense right?)

While taking Laney on her daily morning walk, it was sleeting. She was not impressed and I don't even think she noticed. But boy did I notice--having just rolled out of bed, I wasn't adequately prepared for the freezing temps! I was trying to hurry her up, but she, being the diva dog she is, was having none of it. On another note, I love the sound of sleet and's more gentle sounding than rain (whatever I'm weird) 

That being said, I'd have to say, I'm with Laney on this one. I'm not really all that impressed either. It's really just cold on my side of the lake. Nothing exciting--no snow on the ground and it off and on rains/sleets.

After being in Pittsburgh while it snowed, it's going to take more than some road closures and flurries to get me excited. Does that make me a snow snob?

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Covered Bridges, Snow, Ice, Tour
See Pittsburgh. Kind of hard to get excited about flurries in LA.

Anyways...if you're driving around with these icy conditions--be careful! 
Because I said so!

P.S. Bonus for anyone who gets the song reference in the title (think old school rap)
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cake for Breakfast

Sometimes you just have to eat cake for breakfast. I know I know--really unhealthy. But scratch the healthy goals and motivation and dig into that piece of cake.

Don't believe me? 
Try it. It's worth it! 

Yesterday I had no motivation (but seriously what is motivation?) and last night I was dead to the world. If you texted, emailed, or called me past 7 PM, I apologize--I wasn't ignoring you (or maybe I was idk)

I took my own mini break from life by going to bed around 7:30 PM. Yep, granny status. This morning, however, I woke up feeling super refreshed! Looks like 12 hours of sleep is just what I needed.
That, and cake for breakfast.

Sure I didn't make it to the gym OR eat a healthy breakfast, but you know what? It's OK. I had cake for breakfast which automatically makes today awesome.

Background Note: I've always had a love for all things sweet. When I was little, I would only eat the icing off the cake. So much so, that one of my friend's mom's would only give me icing at parties because she knew I wouldn't eat the actual cake. (I'm surprised I'm not 500 pounds and/or diabetic)

Cake, breakfast, eat breakfast, petit fours, pastries

So anyways, if you're feeling down on yourself and aren't motivated to do anything...just take it from me and eat cake for breakfast
(because I said so)

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Problem with Motivation

Is that to get things done, you actually have to have some.

And where do you get this motivation? I have no earthly idea. Some are born with it and sometimes it comes to me in the form of a sugar free red bull (yes, I know they are horrible for you)

Well today I find myself with absolutely no motivation. I don't want to go grocery shopping (even though I desperately need to), clean the apartment (again needs to be), or go to the gym (I went yesterday--does that count?) Maybe I'm getting sick. Who knows. All I know is that my New Year's Resolutions are not getting done and you can kiss the Future Goals goodbye as well.

I envy those who can keep their apartment clean, go to the gym 3-5x a week, and eat healthy for more than one week. Some might say I don't want it bad enough. Well, please tell me how to want it bad enough. Any pointers?

I want to be skinny/healthy and a neat person, but I'd much rather put life on hold and soak in a bubble bath, eat pizza, and watch a movie than clean, go to the gym, and/or eat healthy (most days anyways--today being one of them) If only that were actually possible--I'd get caught up on sleep, bills, and the never ending to do list.

I guess I'll just have to fake it till I make it

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Letters from the Heart

Sending hand-written notes via USPS

This is an unofficial add on to my future goal/new year's resolutions: send more hand written letters.

With all of the technology we have today, it's really hard to NOT stay in touch. 
But sometimes it's good great to write it out longhand. It means more to the person receiving and even the person sending and some things just don't come across the same over text or email. Besides, who doesn't like getting mail? I mean I like getting any mail that's not junk or bills (hint hint--send me mail)

Last night, I decided to write some of my dearest friends a letter. They all knew something was up when I asked for their addresses--because really..who does that anymore?  (such a shame) Each one of them has a special place in my life and I'm so very thankful for each and every one of them. They've all seen me through some of the worst times and some of the best times--and I don't know where I'd be without them. It's true what they say: you really do meet your best friends in college :)

ok done being sappy.

I think I may be more excited to send them mail, than they are to get mail!
But judging by this face, it's a close tie...

Gotta love Snapchat and the ability to screenshot!

I think that we should all send more snail mail! A thank you letter/encouragement letter/just saying hey letter here and there can make all the difference.

Don't forget the stamps--because I said so!

Don't forget the stamps when snail mailing

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Feeling Sassy

Literally the best invention ever.
(I wonder who invented them??)

Headbands and Dogs

Apologizing in advance for all of the headband selfies #sorrynotsorry

For one, headbands have the Blair Waldorf status that goes along with them (thank you Gossip Girl). I feel like I am the Queen B and can rule the world when I wear them.
Secondly, they are totes functional. (yes totes)

For example (about to get real honest), when my hair has been in a greasy ponytail/bun for two days and the boyfriend decides we are going out for dinner--I take down my hair, shake it out, and slap on a headband. Instant makeover. 
Sorry for the Headband Selfie

It minimizes the greasy quality of my hair and now I'm ready to go to dinner. Perfect! What's not to love? (told you..real honest)

Other times, when my hair is not a greasy mess and freshly washed, I put on a headband because it makes me feel sassy and sophisticated (again think Blair Waldorf). Black is my go to color for headbands, but I haven't said no to ones with embellishments in the past.
Headbands all day
Feeling sassy on our 5 year anniversary

More and More Headbands at football games

P.S. I'm totes rocking a headband at work today!

P.P.S It's my 50th blog post! Yay me!! 
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Football Sunday

My current view--from the Ryan's couch.

I cannot wait until Football Season is over.
After this week, there is only one weekend left--and I'm so excited.
It means that I get full attention back from my boyfriend. 

Call me selfish, but when our "quality time" together is sitting in front of the TV (him yelling at the TV-for a team that he doesn't even care that much about) something's got to give. Don't get me wrong, I like football. But I don't absolutely love it. I don't have to watch every game that ever comes on (regardless of it if it's "my" team playing or not) or go somewhere special to watch the games that aren't on national television--Fun Fact: I did win fantasy football one year! (they didn't let me play again probably because they didn't want to lose again) 

I really only "go" for the Steelers and the Saints. So any game that doesn't involve them, I'm not interested. With both of these teams not being in the finals or championship or whatever it's called--football is dead to me. I wasn't even a huge football fan until I met (and started dating J) 

 I LOVE Joshua, so I watch football with him. What he likes, I try to like. (it works better for future negotiation purposes too)

See I like football...

Joshua eats, sleeps, and breathes football. Especially if we are talking about the Steelers. And I guess if that's how we get to spend time together...I'll take it (it's better than nothing!) 

With that being said, I still can't wait for football to be over--because I said so!
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's the Little Things

I think it's clear that I love weekends. Who doesn't?! Usually on the list of things I love, is that I'm off work.  Later, however, I'm going in to work for a few hours, but I'm not at all sad about it! (I get paid for it -- so I won't be poor--hello more hours) Solving problems left and right this morning!

Being up earlier than usual for a weekend, I had some time to relax and reflect. I've realized that it's the little things in life that truly make me happy. For example:

1. Starbucks

2. Blogging in the morning

3. Waking up early, but feeling extremely rested

4. Goodmorning texts

5. Being productive in the morning

6. Reading a good book

7. Getting to sleep late even if it's only by an hour

8. Hanging out with this goober 

See?  I'm totally easy to please and not at all high maintenance :) 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning?

Ok so it's not technically spring yet, but it is the weekend and cleaning/organizing needs to get done. Does calling it "spring cleaning" help--of course. Does it make me WANT to clean--no, no it doesn't.

Disclaimer: I'm not a total slob and wouldn't categorize myself as so. I don't mind a little mess now and then and when I get fed up with it (which is now) I'll clean it up. See? Not a slob. 

When I first noticed that I needed to "Spring" Clean, I was actually cleaning up the office at work. Yesterday, I spent about an hour just throwing things away. I realized that I've been in my apartment for about three months and haven't ever dedicated the time to just CLEAN everything. I really need to get down and dirty and DEEP clean everything (vacuum my mattress, clean out the fridge, tackle the laundry. That kind of deep clean.)

 Easier said than done. 

The motivation I have at work to clean up doesn't transfer to my apartment when I get home. I don't want to do anything but sit on the couch and watch my over priced cable. But as you can see...

...something has to give. And this is just one of the problem areas. Yikes! I guess you can see what I'll be doing with my weekend!

Wish me luck--because I said so! 

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

What I'm Reading

It's been a while since I've picked up a good book to read. I've been busy, pre-occupied, and quite frankly didn't know of any good books to read.

My favorite author, Mary Kay Andrews, hasn't come out with a new book since I read her newest one a few months ago, so for whatever reason, I haven't been reading. Lately, however, the book recommendations have been rolling in. Either from friends, Pinterest, other blogs, or on display at the store. So yesterday, I made a trip to Barnes and Noble. Literally the biggest one  I've ever been to and one of my happy places. Nerd alert: I love bookstores and libraries.

Anyways.. Here's what I'm reading!  

1. Financially Fearless-Alexa Von Tobel
      It's worth a shot since I'm freaking out that I'm poor and all. Plus I love a good "how to"
2.Mrs. Kennedy and Me-Clint Hill
      Recommended by a friend who guarantees I'll love it!
3. Where'd you go, Bernadette-Maria Semple
      Hilarious so far. I started reading as soon as I got home last night and I had to force myself to put it down and go to bed...that good.

So, I think I have all of my bases covered: a non fiction "how to", a "chick-flick" book, and a historical book. These books should last me through the weekend (I'm a fast reader and born bookworm) so I'm ALWAYS looking for book recommendations--because I said so of course!
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Help Me, I'm Poor

Despite being out of my funk (hooray), I have found something new to worry about. Shocker there

I don't know why I ever decided I should grow up and more importantly move into my own place. (is that dramatic enough?) Take it from me, the appeal is short lived. Yes, I love having my own space and being to decorate with hand-me downs and re-purposed things to make the space my own. No, I don't love paying bills, budgeting, and feeling like I'm just scraping by.

Which is how I feel now. It sucks.

Like I can barely keep my head above water with bills and living expenses, much less save anything or investing.(I'm going to be one of those 80 year olds still working because I didn't save for retirement. Panicking) The most obvious solution would be to stop living outside of my means (meaning quit living like my parents live--it took them 30+ years to get there after all)  However, figuring out how to cut down is easier said than done.

Let's review the options:
1. Move back home--actually a non-option. I have a 14 month lease that I'm only like 3 months into
2. I could get rid of my cable, but when I come home in the evenings, that's what I turn on for background noise and what I fall asleep to. (must place serious thought into this)
3. Get rid of my gym membership--another non-option. I signed a 12 month contract. Plus I don't want to be fat.
4. Work more--I could work weekends or longer hours. This option might be a winner.
5. Not go out or do any extra curricular shopping for fun things like new outfits or books--not likely ever going to happen.
6. Survive for months on only ramen noodles and raviolis--I don't think this is possible if I want to live to see another year
7. Find a 2nd job that has hours outside of the traditional 9-5.

So we've got three or four non options and only two viable suggestions. What's a girl to do? Seriously. Any feedback would be wonderful (because I said so) Until then, I will put on my big girl panties and try to come up with creative/budget friendly solutions (the ones I came up with here don't seem to apply anymore). 

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Party for One

When I'm feeling completely unmotivated to do anything sometimes all it takes is one night for myself and one look at my vision board to get back on track. 

 A vision board is basically a board reflecting what you want to accomplish with words/pictures. For instance, mine has encouraging words/pictures about getting into shape--which is one of my more major goals. 
This was a relatively new idea to me that my friend Kaila introduced to me about two years ago. She made one about going to Europe or something like that and poof she went to Europe. (at least that's how I remember it in my head)'s a pretty good way to stay motivated and keep your goals in front of you at all times.

Right now it's hanging in my room over my desk, so it's the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.

 I've been in a major funk--not wanting to do anything (at all) but sleep, my apartment is a wreck, and my head has been killing me. Definitely not motivated to check anything off of my 101 in 1001 list.
So I decided to take one night to do what I wanted. No cleaning. No grocery shopping. My to do list can wait. (did I just say that?)

So what did I do you ask? 
A bubble bath, movie, and Chinese food. 
Perfect for a party of one and just what the doctor ordered.

It's crazy how refreshed you can feel after doing just a few small things for yourself and I now see the importance of taking these little breaks and vow to do them more often. 
I already feel ten times better and might actually go to the gym and clean my apartment today (might)

Break out of your funk and do something for yourself..because I said so!
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NOLA Bucket List

After moving to New Orleans a few months ago, I still don't feel much like a resident. While I've done most of the touristy things (like go to the zoo, aquarium, have beignets, etc.), there are still a few things I'd like to do..sooner rather than later! And since we all know how much I love making lists, here comes another one!

1. Have a drink at the Carousel Bar

2. Spend the day at Barcadia--(two words: Ski-Ball and Alcohol)

3. Ride a street car.

4. Drink a Hurricane at Pat Os.

5. Sing karaoke at the Cat's Meow (if I can get the guts to do so).

6. Run the Crescent City Classic.

7. Participate in the Red Dress Run.

8. Go to a Pelicans game.

Do you have anything I should add?

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Dose of Reality and (another) Lesson in Patience

It's no secret that I work in the wedding industry. There are times that I absolutely adore it and then there are others where it gets very trying. Now hold on a second, don't get me wrong,


But as a "single" girl dealing with booking weddings and going to wedding shows and attending weddings, it gets taxing. I get all caught up in the planning and the magic of all things wedding that I start to plan my own (I have a whole board on Pinterest, but who doesn't right?)--to the point where I'm in a super rush to get married. 

I tell Joshua (and may or may not pressure him), he gets annoyed (ok so I am pressuring him), then I get annoyed that he's annoyed, and it doesn't end well. 

This is the point where I start to feel like an old maid, and get this slight panic feeling that Joshua never wants to commit and doesn't love me anymore (see out. of. control.) and that I may never get married and then....I realize....

Wait a minute. I'm only 22. I only graduated college 6 months ago and I have so much that I want to accomplish.
There is no absolute rush to get married. 

There are two trends in the industry right now--that I've noticed.
One: Getting married in your early twenties or earlier. 
Two: Getting married in your mid to late twenties.

Each are perfectly fine and a personal preference. 
I'm not here to tell you that getting married so young is wrong and that you should wait until you're 27.
When you're ready, you're ready and only you as a couple know that. 

What I do know, is that as much as I'd like think I'm ready, I know deep down that I'm not. 
(wow that took a lot to admit) 
If I'd got married now, I'd be doing it for all the wrong reasons (because everyone else is). After all of the glitz from planning a wedding fades and I have a second to sit down and think about it. Getting married scares the crap out of me. I'm not ready to grow up, take on all of the grown up responsibilities (I'd like to take this whole grown up thing in as many tiny steps as possible)--much less share anything with Joshua (besides our dog). Call me selfish, but that's where I am in my life right now. 
 And I know there are so many goals, individual goals, that we both want to accomplish before we tie the knot.

I have plenty of time to grow up and plenty of time to get married. Yep that's right people, you heard it here first. (ring the alarm and someone tell Joshua) I will do my best to try to stop badgering him about the type of ring I want, updating him on who's getting married and when, and what the best month to get married would be.

If I get proposed to tomorrow that would be great, but if it's another two years that's great too. 
Because I said so.

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What I'm Loving

1. Weekends
Especially this past one. Old friends. Long nights-in the best way. I honestly did not want it to end. I wish that the weekends could be five days and the weeks be two days!

2. The Internship
Hilarious movie and is a must see. Any time Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn team up, you know it's going to be good. Joshua says that it's predictable, but I still thought it was funny and had an underlying good message.

for all of your design needs 
I mean she did my blog and it's fantastic. Seriously, she's the best.

4. Group messages with my friends.
Keeping things interesting and making me laugh since 7 this morning. And keeping me in touch --I miss everyone already!

5. Cheetah print on a dreary Monday. (It's basically a neutral these days) 

Sunday, January 12, 2014


As I mentioned earlier one of my friends was getting married this weekend! It was an abosolutely perfect wedding and I hope she enjoyed every second of it. She was totally ready to be a "Mrs."

Friday, after finally getting my act together and finding a dress, I made it to the rehearsal. Who knew practicing walking down the aisle could be so complicated and take so long! I'm glad we did practice though--I would've been so lost.
The dinner was wonderful (yummy yummy STEAK!) We took about a dozen pictures and I was caught up on everything that was happening in everyone's life. We survived the dinner with only a few broken forks (Kaila) and dropped knives (myself) --I guess we aren't the most graceful bridesmaids.
After getting lost and driving through the MOUNTAINS, we made it to the hotel and spent all night watching wedding shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Something Borrowed Something New--what better way to get in the wedding mood!

Watching wedding shows and keeping it classy drinking wine our of plastic cups

Ashley and I at the rehearsal dinner--See I found a dress

The day of the wedding started out bright and early! Hair and make up started before I was even fully awake. Hillary's (the bride) grandma made us breakfast and we watched Pitch Perfect while we got ready (can you say perfect). We also all got these matching shirts, monogrammed of course, to get ready in! Fabulous!



I have to hand it to Hillary--she was so incredibly cool, calm, and collected the entire time. I would've been a nervous wreck..needing Xanax and mimosas!
The ceremony itself was beautiful and didn't even feel like real life. Like what? She's married now! I teared up a little bit when they said their vows, but they were quickly dried up when Will (the groom) couldn't find the ring! (turns out, the little ring bearers mom had it) Adorable.
I hope she had a very special day. I know I was honored to stand in her wedding and had a great time celebrating with the two of them!

I wonder, who out of all of my friends, will be next?!