Because I Said So: Snow Day
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day

Snow report! 

We've seen some sighting of snow, mostly inside. Wait what? Snow inside?

 Exhibit A:

That's Laney for ya.

That's really all the snow I've seen. What a bummer. It's mostly just ice/sleet and it's not sticking outside  (much) so far. Nothing like the snow in Pittsburgh (guess I really am a "snow snob")
I'm crossing my fingers that the temperature will drop and the ice will start sticking. Crazy right? Sorry not sorry, I like love cold weather.

In other news, this "snow day" is going great. I've done a whole lot of nothing so far and I've loved every second. 

Please actually snow (because I said so)

 photo becauseisaidsosig_zps7aaadf76.png

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