Because I Said So: June 2013
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Thursday, June 20, 2013



Oh hey its Allison. Remember me? Its been forever since I've posted a new blog. Life has been happening and I didn't want to jinx anything by posting about my job interviews, butttt......

I have good news! I BASICALLY GOT MY DREAM JOB!!!  The JOB SEARCH is over! After two nerve wracking interviews, I am now employed. Holla! I couldn't be happier! Working for this catering company in New Orleans as their marketing/sales assistant is like a dream come true. I can't wait to start my NEW JOB (so weird saying that) July 8th. And then that Friday is my 22nd birthday and the week before is family vacay. What a great way to start my birthday month right? Seriously. 

So even though I haven't even started the job yet much less received a paycheck yet AND despite the fact that I only have like $60 to my name, I am OBSESSED with apartment hunting. (that been my main goal since I got out of school) So I have created a budget spreadsheet and if I live at home until like December and only spend money on necessities (such as clothes, out to eat, little Laney, BarMethod classes, and gas) necessities right? I can save about $4,000 for this new, imaginary apartment! I love to plan so I keep making up all these plans to save money and create this dream life. 

Since this is a post all about CHANGE, I would like to wish my high school friends Kayla and Kevin a HAPPY WEDDING DAY! (do people do that?) They are getting married tomorrow!! WHAT?! Are you sure we aren't like 5 years old and our biggest responsibility was tying our shoes? 

I have a Big Girl Job, my childhood friend is getting married tomorrow, and I turn 22 in like a few weeks...WHEN DID WE GET SO OLD??

I secretly love this exciting time where everything seems to be changing. It keeps me on my toes and if I don't let myself think too much about it, I'm really not all that worried or scared. 

One more thing.



Because I Said So. 

(ok I didn't really make this up, but it worked for me and it's great advice!)