Because I Said So: Football Sunday
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Football Sunday

My current view--from the Ryan's couch.

I cannot wait until Football Season is over.
After this week, there is only one weekend left--and I'm so excited.
It means that I get full attention back from my boyfriend. 

Call me selfish, but when our "quality time" together is sitting in front of the TV (him yelling at the TV-for a team that he doesn't even care that much about) something's got to give. Don't get me wrong, I like football. But I don't absolutely love it. I don't have to watch every game that ever comes on (regardless of it if it's "my" team playing or not) or go somewhere special to watch the games that aren't on national television--Fun Fact: I did win fantasy football one year! (they didn't let me play again probably because they didn't want to lose again) 

I really only "go" for the Steelers and the Saints. So any game that doesn't involve them, I'm not interested. With both of these teams not being in the finals or championship or whatever it's called--football is dead to me. I wasn't even a huge football fan until I met (and started dating J) 

 I LOVE Joshua, so I watch football with him. What he likes, I try to like. (it works better for future negotiation purposes too)

See I like football...

Joshua eats, sleeps, and breathes football. Especially if we are talking about the Steelers. And I guess if that's how we get to spend time together...I'll take it (it's better than nothing!) 

With that being said, I still can't wait for football to be over--because I said so!
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