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Friday, January 3, 2014

And Just Like That

It's the weekend again!

I don't know about you, but the holidays (Christmas AND New Year's) has really thrown my schedule off kilter.

I woke up yesterday thinking it was Monday and Friday at the same time! Well today is actually Friday and yesterday wasn't actually Monday, so thank goodness for that!

Weekends are my fave (reasons here), but this weekend I have a few super fun things planned. One being a fun DIY project (enlisting help from my mom) and the other watching the Saints playoff game with my boyfriend! I'm actually most excited about my DIY project (but shhh don't tell him that)

I'll save all of the exciting details for tomorrow, but here's a slight hint--

It has to do with removing this eye sore of a chair, without ACTUALLY removing it. (This chair was a hand me down from my parent's, who at one time thought this was a winning fabric choice--just no--and as you can see it doesn't really mesh well with the whole blue and white color scheme I've got going on)




Stay tuned for before and afters--

Because I said so!

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