Because I Said So: Help Me, I'm Poor
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Help Me, I'm Poor

Despite being out of my funk (hooray), I have found something new to worry about. Shocker there

I don't know why I ever decided I should grow up and more importantly move into my own place. (is that dramatic enough?) Take it from me, the appeal is short lived. Yes, I love having my own space and being to decorate with hand-me downs and re-purposed things to make the space my own. No, I don't love paying bills, budgeting, and feeling like I'm just scraping by.

Which is how I feel now. It sucks.

Like I can barely keep my head above water with bills and living expenses, much less save anything or investing.(I'm going to be one of those 80 year olds still working because I didn't save for retirement. Panicking) The most obvious solution would be to stop living outside of my means (meaning quit living like my parents live--it took them 30+ years to get there after all)  However, figuring out how to cut down is easier said than done.

Let's review the options:
1. Move back home--actually a non-option. I have a 14 month lease that I'm only like 3 months into
2. I could get rid of my cable, but when I come home in the evenings, that's what I turn on for background noise and what I fall asleep to. (must place serious thought into this)
3. Get rid of my gym membership--another non-option. I signed a 12 month contract. Plus I don't want to be fat.
4. Work more--I could work weekends or longer hours. This option might be a winner.
5. Not go out or do any extra curricular shopping for fun things like new outfits or books--not likely ever going to happen.
6. Survive for months on only ramen noodles and raviolis--I don't think this is possible if I want to live to see another year
7. Find a 2nd job that has hours outside of the traditional 9-5.

So we've got three or four non options and only two viable suggestions. What's a girl to do? Seriously. Any feedback would be wonderful (because I said so) Until then, I will put on my big girl panties and try to come up with creative/budget friendly solutions (the ones I came up with here don't seem to apply anymore). 

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  1. Oh man I am so alike on too many of these! I feel you on the retirement. I've gotta jump on that asap so I have something to live on when I'm old.

    What's helped me is I wrote all my finances out on a google doc spreadsheet and separated my monthly bills from my luxury bills. Before I had no idea how much money was being spent on what. So actually seeing it written out helps. Budgeting is a pain but it will help in the long run!

    1. I need to do that! Usually I just avoid it and it comes back to bite me. This month will be different, hopefully!