Because I Said So: September 2015
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Must Watch Fall TV Shows

It's a new season (and almost a new month) which means it's time for new TV Shows!  I've never really been into watching and never been great at keeping up with TV shows, but this season, there are some good ones.

Here's what I'm watching:

Scream Queens: I'm currently catching up on the past two episodes and I don't know whether or not to be horrified or laugh. These sorority girls are plagued by a "serial killer" but it almost feels like a spoof--like Scary Movie meets Saw and all the other horror movies out there. But I'm hooked and I can't wait to see who the killer actually is after all of the twists and turns. Catch it on Tuesdays at 8PM on FOX.

Quanitco: After the first episode, I have no idea what's going on. It's the kind of show that flashes back and forth from the present to the past. But I can tell that it's going to be a great series. FBI recruits and one of them is a terrorist--the new kind of crime show. Catch it on Sundays at 9PM on ABC.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Ok, I've got a confession: I love ALL of the Marvel movies. So when I found this series initially on Netflix, I finished the two seasons in a week. The third season is out and there are more "inhumans" with special powers that need saving. Catch it on Tuesdays at 8PM on ABC.

Once Upon a Time: I finally caught up via Netflix and I'm obsessed. I like the aspect of mixing fairy tales with the real world. In the first episode we met Merida and one of the "good" main characters has turned dark. I can't wait to see what new characters show up! Catch it on Sundays on ABC at 7PM.

What are you watching?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Work(out) in Progress

My favorite thing about Mondays is the workout class I attend. It's really hard to love a Monday, but knowing I have Fit Camp's Blacklight Hip Hop class after work, helps me get through the grueling work day--WITHOUT coffee!

Confession: I'm a very awkward person and even more awkward when I try to "booty dance." You don't want to see me try to Whip and Nae Nae. Thus, I am proof that you don't have to be a great dancer or even in great shape to dance--Sidenote: It's way better and way more fun than Zumba! The lights are out which helps and it doesn't seem like you're actually working out. According to my FitBit I walk/dance at least 6000 steps in one class.

Also, I'm literally obsessed with my Fitbit. I like watching the numbers go up throughout the day--even if it's the hardest thing in the world to reach my goals! P.S. I hit my step goal AND my active minutes goal yesterday!

It's basically October and I've set some new fitness goals for the new month. Fall/Winter are the hardest times, for me, to stick with fitness goals. It's not "bikini season" anymore so what's the point, right? Wrong.

My goals mainly include being more consistent with my workout schedule and with what I eat. One day I'll eat nothing but salad and the next day eat three cheeseburgers, a cake, and some tacos. Seriously. I'm all about moderation, but this my friends, is not moderation. 

In order to get more motivated and stay on track, I will continue to wear my FitBit every single day (morning, noon, and night) and jam out to what I labeled "Skinnyminny" playlist (on my phone). Fingers crossed I can stick with my goals this time around. Here's what I'm listening to:

Shop my workout gear below! 

What motivates you? Songs? New workout clothes? Let me know in the comments!

Friday, September 25, 2015

In vs. Out -- The Link Up

Today's the day y'all! I'm so excited to be hosting my very first link up and I can't wait to read everyone's monthly (or weekly) Ins and Outs! If you're new here, I've been doing these posts for a month or two now, where I recap the week by categorizing what in and what's out!

This link up will be monthly-- the last Friday of every month (October 30th, November 27th, December 25th) and you'll be able to link your posts throughout the weekend! So feel free to recap your month (not just your week)!


Walking in the mornings before work

It's officially Fall (as of Wednesday)

Candy Corn and Candy Pumpkins

Counting down big life events

The fact that I got Josh to watch Cinderella with me the other night

Fixing up old blog posts (this one is 100% better now)

Once Upon a Time season premier is THIS Sunday and Marvel Agents of Shield season 3 is coming out next Tuesday!

I just joined RocksBox and am eagerly awaiting my first box (you can get a month free if you use the code allisonellzeyxoxo)


Still no FALL weather here--it's consistently in the 80s

Things that are pumpkin flavored (I'm probably the only girl who doesn't like pumpkin muffins and PSLs)

Chipped nails

There aren't enough hours in the day


And, in case you missed it, here's what was popular on Because I Said So this week:

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Falling for Plaid

The first day of fall was yesterday and that means it's time to break out all things fall, even if it's STILL close to 90 degrees everyday! Maybe if I dress like it's cold, it'll get cold?

The weather here is trying really hard, but it'll be high 60s in the morning and in the 90s by noon. #thestruggle I envy those who can break out the cable knit sweaters and Bean Boots in October!

And no you aren't seeing things. You've seen this dress here before! Did I mention it's one of my favorites? It's perfect for our weather here and when it does start to get cold, it'll be perfect for layering!

Also, I'm kinda super happy that the whole "tie your sweatshirt around your waist" trend is coming back in. I was a big fan when I was growing up (hello nerd status), but now that's trendy, my inner eight year old is ecstatic! It's so easy and no more forgetting your sweater or sweatshirt at places like restaurants and the movies. #winning

Dress: Bella Dia Boutique similar here | Plaid Shirt: old JCP similar here and here | Booties: similar here and here | Boot Socks: similar here |  Necklace: similar Kendra Scott | Watch: Michael Kors

I've had this JCP plaid shirt for awhile and since I'm into mixing and matching new pieces and incorporating pieces from my sister's closets, my wallet (and savings) are benefitting GREATLY. Fall style doesn't have to be expensive and the pieces don't even have to be new to be on trend! 

P.S. I think this season, I'm going to be really obsessed with booties with socks.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Today I'm partnering with TheLadders to give you a glimpse into my first jobs and what I've learned from these experiences--which ultimately led me to where I am today!


My first jobs were anything but glamorous. The very first "job" I remember doing was basically hustlin' my dad for extra allowance. I was around eight years old at the time and wanted to save up for some super cool 90s toy (you can fill in the blank--although in all honesty it was probably a WonderBall. Does anyone else miss those chocolatey, candy filled miracles?).

So, I volunteered to help with yard work, for a price. I would pick up "gum balls" that fell from the sweet gum tree, pinecones, and scoop dog poop.

My dad made a special arrangement that I'd get paid by the pound of whatever I picked up. It was probably somewhere around $0.25 per pound of pinecones and $0.10 per pound of poop.

Told y'all. NOT GLAMOROUS!

I distinctly remember scooping extra mud and dirt with every scoop of poop so it would weigh more and I'd get more money. See? Hustlin'. I also, to this day, have an IOU that I've saved detailing how much my dad owed me for all of the poop I scooped--I even had a line item for interest! I've been a hustler before I even knew what that meant. In a good way, of course.

I also babysat here and there and worked summer camp a few summers. It was while working these jobs that I learned that children are not for me. I wasn't ready for kids then and at twenty-four, I'm still not ready. Maybe one day. 

Throughout these various random jobs, my dad instilled two truths in me that I still reference to this day. (Hey dad! Youdabest!)

ONE. Work hard and Hustle. No one is going to just hand it to you. You have to work for it and you have to earn it. It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it.

TWO. Be able to support yourself. It's important to do something you love, but it's also important to be able to pay the bills and support yourself. I have a boyfriend of almost seven years that I'm going to marry one of these days, but he would always say (God forbid) if something were to happen, you don't want to be left broken hearted and flat out broke!


Fast forward a few years and I've kept these truths with me. It was hard finding my first job. It sucked getting rejected or ignored a thousand times. But, ultimately, after lots of hard work I found a job (and started this blog in the process) and have not only gotten to connect to an industry that's basically the coolest, but learn a lot along the way!

Friday, September 18, 2015

In vs. Out

Finally, it's the weekend again! This week hasn't really been anything special. Just chuggin' along to make it to the end of another work week. Amiright? This weekend I hope to clean out my car, make it to the farmer's market, and watch football.


Food documentaries. Whenever I feel like my diet is taking a nosedive off of a cliff, I watch documentaries on where our food ACTUALLY comes from, how it's made, etc. I feel guilty, but empowered at the end. (My favorites: Fed Up, Farmageddon, Food Matters)


One of my co-workers is having her baby today and they waited to find out the gender! I can't wait #teamgirl

Fall-like weather (even if it's getting into the 90s today)

Date nights in the middle of the week. Josh and I don't really get to have a TON of date nights out because we are trying to save money in a short amount of time--so it make it that much more special.

The IN vs. OUT link-up is NEXT FRIDAY!!!


Another orthodontist appointment. Another month I still don't have my braces off.

Wanting to eat healthy and realizing there's nothing in the house that doesn't have sugar and thus starting off the day hungry.

Having to wait for things. I'm not a very patient person so waiting in line, in traffic, waiting to get paid, to go on fun trips--drives me crazy!

Don't forget to link up and share your in and outs next Friday!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sister Goals

I've said it before and I'll say it again: one of the perks of living at home (and being about the same size as your mom and sisters) is having not one, not two, but three extra closets. Y'all, I kid you not--we all have about the same taste so I've been mixing and matching items from each closet and it's the BEST!

It helps me cut back on spending all the money on cute fall clothes and it helps soften the blow when we do go shopping because hey, FOUR people could potentially be wearing the item--so really the $200+ spent aren't a waste, right?

I love when I come across pieces that I gave to my sisters thinking I'd never wear them again--and low and behold, I find a new use/look for the piece. This outfit was almost completely from my youngest sister's closet--the shoes and accessories are mine. #sistergoals

Shirt: Charming Charlie's (similar) (this one is cute too) || Skort: Lilly Pulitzer *they don't carry the Michaelina Skort anymore but I've linked a super cute one (similar) || Wedges: (similar) || Necklace (boutique, but this one is cute!) || Watch: Michael Kors

So a huge thanks goes out to my sissies and mom for making living at home not that bad and for making sure I look stylish without always having to buy new clothes!

All pictures by Courtney of Captivating Moments Photography 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Count Your Blessings Name them One by One

Oh what a beautiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day!

Sometimes we get caught up in the monotonous routine of every day life and forget how blessed we truly are. Today, I'm linking up with Ember to count my blessings and start the week and each day with a grateful heart!

The Weather

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful. After some rain (all last week) a cool front moved through which mainly means LOW humidity! Praise the Lord. It may still be in the 80s, but man, that humidity makes a huge difference.

This time of the year ALWAYS puts me in the best mood. The change of seasons, the promise of something new.

The Weekend

I had the best weekend full of football and relaxation. For the first time in a long time, I didn't let what was happening or could happen at work worry me. I was able to sleep and function without fear taking over. I think the no caffeine thing is working, y'all.

I also went to church voluntarily for the first time since Mother's Day (and before that, Christmas) and it was lovely. I don't know what my reservations were before necessarily, but I'm glad I went. I left feeling uplifted, inspired, and refreshed.

The Mornings

This morning, it was a crisp 58 degrees as I went for a walk/run before work--this meant getting up at 6 AM. It's amazing how beautiful and wonderful mornings can be if you change your attitude towards them!

I have so much to be grateful for and for some reason, I always forget. Little things like this weather reminds me of it all! 

Friday, September 11, 2015

In vs. Out

For such a short week, it sure has felt like it's been dragging on. Labor Day is such a tease because, honestly, I wanted the whole week off! Please tell me I'm not the only one who didn't want to go back to the real world...


Johnny Cash--ever since I watched Walk the Line I will randomly want to listen to his songs

Friday Night Football--but mostly getting to see my sister dance at half time

The fact that it's Friday #duh

Being a fashion blogger one day out the week (last week and this week)

The fact that CHASE RICE TOUCHED MY HAND at the concert we went to over Labor Day weekend


The Steelers losing last night --even though it was a close game!

Panic attacks induced by caffeine making it necessary to cut out coffee (going on 6 days)

Rainy days when you have to go to work

Have a great weekend everyone (and don't forget to link up with me on September 25th)!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fringe Benefits

I've finally taken my blog survey results (from a very long time ago) to heart and started posting more fashion posts--like this one last week. From now on, you'll be able to catch at least one fashion type post a week! Yay for new things!


With Labor Day come and gone, it's time to start thinking about transition pieces for your closet. Let's face it, as much as you and I both want to ALWAYS wear our sleeveless tops with brightly colored (Lilly) shorts, sometimes the weather has other ideas.

Some states have a longer transition period than others--aka the Southern states. It will probably stay summer-like until mid October when we have our first cold snap!

Fall Trend: Fringe

Swing Dress + Fringe Scarf

My favorite trend this season for transitioning from Summer to Fall is FRINGE! Fringe everything!  I've held on to this fringe scarf for years and I'm so glad I did--it pairs so well with literally everything--especially this T-shirt dress (which is another trend I'm obsessed with--I have at least three so far!).

Fall Accessories

This is look will get you through these hot September days and is so versatile to change up when the weather decides to get cold again!

Fall Trend: Fringe

Bella Dia Boutique Dress (sold out) similar here  || Fringe Scarf (old) similar here and here || Michael Kors Watch || Sandals (old) similar here (and they are only $11) || Kendra Scott Necklace

Shop more of my FRINGE FAVORITES below!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September Goals

Better late than never, right? Also, sticking with palm fronds because I refuse to believe summer is over. Although, technically, in South Louisiana summer can last into October, so...

Someone recently pointed out to me that I don't actually stick with any goals I make and that I'm technically a fraud...well...I'm only human, y'all. I can make a goal to lose weight and cut out junk food, but let's be real. If a cosmic brownie or zebra cake come anywhere near me, I'm eating it and not regretting one icing filled bite. #sorrynotsorry

This month, in an effort to set more realistic goals (but not necessarily EASY goals), I've only set three.

1. Cut out coffee + energy drinks. I had a huge problem this weekend when an energy drink  induced a panic attack and fueled my already high anxiety levels--possibly more on this later. It put the brakes on an otherwise SUPER FUN road trip.

2. Continue to find a workout schedule that works for me. Typically, I've been able to stick to about 3x a week.

3. Hit ALL of my goals on my Fitbit 1x a week and my step goal 3x a week. If you aren't familiar with Fitbit, it presets a goal for daily calories burned, steps walked, active minutes, and total miles walked. Hitting all of these would mean I was super active during the day (and a zebra cake wouldn't break the scale).

Easy peesy, right? I'm keeping it simple this month--or what's left of it!

What goals did you set this month?

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Country Music Road Trip

Road trips are literally the best. I love the feeling of getting away and starting off on a new adventure--especially when it's to a state you've never been to before!

Josh and I have been on quite a few road trips in our (almost) seven years of dating--our longest being from New Orleans, LA to Pittsburgh, PA (we drive this 17 hours every year!) so this one is like child's play--10 hours is NOTHING!

Besides good company, the best way to make it through a road trip is a good playlist! In fact, I'd argue that it's a necessity. To get us through the second leg of our road trip--here are some songs we are listening to!

Of course it's only about an hour and half playlist and we have a 4+ hour drive--what would you add?

Friday, September 4, 2015

IN vs. OUT

Hooray for half day, road trips, and long weekends! Labor Day weekend could not have come at a better time!


Half days, road trips, and long weekends

Helene's #GetPaidToBlog Webinar

Football Season

Binge watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix--I'm ready for Season 5!

Country Music Concerts


Being a Fashion Blogger once a week


Saving money--I just want ALL the fall clothes 

Car trouble

Having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear

Cat socks

Don't forget, In vs. Out will be a link up starting September 25th!

Mark those calendars!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ready Set Roll

It's only Thursday, but it feels like it should be the weekend--mainly because I actually have plans for this Labor Day weekend!

Josh and I are road tripping to see Chase Rice, The Eli Young Band, and Waterloo Revival (tbh I've never heard of them, but nonetheless still super excited) for the Downstream Music Festival!!!

I honestly never thought Josh would be a country music fan--he certainly wasn't when we first started dating almost seven years ago. But, one of our favorite artists (as of now) is Chase Rice and when tickets are only $30, you don't ask questions. You take the road trip!

I ordered this dress specifically for the concert probably a month in advance and have been bugging Josh about what he's going to wear ever since. I plan THAT much ahead and well, he doesn't.

Shop the same/similar looks below!
It's my first off the shoulder piece and I'm obsessed. How did I hold off on this trend for so long?! My favorite part about the dress besides the cutout details, is that you can dress it up with wedges or heels (like I did here) or dress it down (I'm wearing it with cowboy boots this weekend) AND it was only $20 shipped!

Also, I'm obsessed with this color blue! And since it doesn't get to feeling like ACTUAL fall weather around here until mid-October, I have plenty of time to get some wear out of it!

 All pictures were taken by Courtney with Captivating Moments Photography