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Friday, January 24, 2014

So Icy

Hell has frozen over...
Because it is is currently snowing/sleeting (ok so it's just really cold) in south Louisiana!

I'm sorry what?! 
Ok let me is currently sleeting/snow flurries/freezing. That's better. I'm not sure it's actually sticking anywhere.

Of course the state has gone into a panic--schools are closed, bridges are closed, people don't have power, AND (here's the kicker) the snow isn't even sticking! I would hate to see what it would be like if we got a few inches! Of course this makes me wish I was back in school so I didn't have to go to school (makes sense right?)

While taking Laney on her daily morning walk, it was sleeting. She was not impressed and I don't even think she noticed. But boy did I notice--having just rolled out of bed, I wasn't adequately prepared for the freezing temps! I was trying to hurry her up, but she, being the diva dog she is, was having none of it. On another note, I love the sound of sleet and's more gentle sounding than rain (whatever I'm weird) 

That being said, I'd have to say, I'm with Laney on this one. I'm not really all that impressed either. It's really just cold on my side of the lake. Nothing exciting--no snow on the ground and it off and on rains/sleets.

After being in Pittsburgh while it snowed, it's going to take more than some road closures and flurries to get me excited. Does that make me a snow snob?

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Covered Bridges, Snow, Ice, Tour
See Pittsburgh. Kind of hard to get excited about flurries in LA.

Anyways...if you're driving around with these icy conditions--be careful! 
Because I said so!

P.S. Bonus for anyone who gets the song reference in the title (think old school rap)
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