Because I Said So: October 2016
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Because I Said So Reader Survey

Happy Wednesday!

It's not the beginning of the year or even THAT close to the end of the year. But, lately, I've been suffering from a tiny bit (read HUGE BIT) of writer's block wondering what to post and what my readers want to read.

That's where I hope y'all can come in! It would be so so helpful if you could fill out this reader survey. The survey is anonymous, but please don't leave any hateful feedback!

P.S. There will be some changes coming to Because I Said So in the next few weeks! I'm planning on moving my blog to and going self hosted. So in addition to all of your wonderful suggestions, I'll also have an all new blogging platform! YAY!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

October Tidbits

If you haven't read my "tidbits" before, you can read them here and here. I write them when I have so
much to write about, but they don't make for very good blog posts on their own.

Tidbits: for when you have so much going on and nothing going on all at the same time.

Something about this weather, y'all. Fall makes everything better. I want to go everywhere and do all of the things and take cute, artsy pictures of it all.

I don't know what it is, but it's definitely a scientific fact. October is "good mood" month. Take this morning for example. I literally rolled out of bed, went outside, said yep it's a good day and ran 2 miles at 8:30AM. Who am I? #boombaby

But really, can every day be this great?

Shirt: Land's End (also, similar in red here) || FitBit cover: Tory Burch

  • Whenever I get stressed about the wedding planning or have a million doubts going through my head, Josh will tell me, "When I gave you that ring, it came with a promise." And then I proceed to melt into a puddle.

  • My dad biked 150 miles this weekend to help raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. The weather was perfect and I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend--he's done this race almost every year since I can remember. Maybe next year I'll challenge myself to do it too! Find more information here.

  • The Steelers won today and you know what they say...happy (almost) husband, happy life.

  • I never realized how much joy a clean house brings! When I don't have any dishes in the sink and the kitchen is clean, bless.  P.S. I'm probably turning into my mother. 

  • Still excited about Fall TV shows. But, I hate waiting an entire week to find out what happens next!

  • I downloaded the Think Dirty app yesterday--which basically tells you how toxic your beauty products are on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being the best + 10 being the worst)--and honestly, we need to throw everything out and start over again. Everything labeled "natural" or "green" is just as bad for you if not worse! My goal is to eventually have a chemical free house a year from now!

I hope everyone is enjoying this weather as much as I am! (Literally siting outside on the porch blogging right now). Life is good.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Your Guide to Fall TV

I've never been one to keep up with TV shows. For whatever reason, I drop off after the first couple of episodes. But now, it's all changed. Maybe it's because I have my own DVR or because I went to a media event and got to preview some of ABC's new fall shows or because the shows that are out are JUST THAT GOOD. This year,  I'm all for fall TV. Here's what I'm watching (and recording):

Timeless (NBC || Mondays @ 10/9c)
I started watching this show on a whim--mainly because I had been watching football and the commercials kept coming on. Such a good decision, y'all.

The first episode was this Monday (Oct. 3rd) so you still have time to jump on the bandwagon. This show encompasses history and time travel and fighting bad guys all in one. Go record it now!

Designated Survivor (ABC || Wednesdays @ 10/9c)
This is one of the shows I got to preview before it was out on TV (working at a marketing agency has it's perks) and I knew when I saw the pilot episode that I would be watching this obsessively every Wednesday night come hell or high water. It's that good.

Basically, there's one survivor (Kiefer Sutherland) when The Capitol gets bombed and he's thrown into being president. The doubt he can make it as president, politics, and race to find out who did it encompasses each episode. It's a much watch.

Once Upon A Time (ABC || Sundays @8/7c)
This has always been one of my favorite shows ever since I starting binge-watching the first couple of seasons on Netflix a year or so ago. I'm all caught up and eagerly watching every episode! Fairytales meet the real world, yes please.

What's on your must watch list this Fall?

P.S. I'm still waiting for the next season of Jane the Virgin to come out later this month! The season premier is October 17th at 9/8c!