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Monday, March 31, 2014


It's Monday, so that means a recap of the weekend and a link up with  Ameliorer la Vie.

Let's start with Friday night, shall we?

The company I work for recently acquired a whole new venue space for events. This is huge (and I'm not just talking about the size of the space because it really is huge)! One small step for the catering business, one HUGE step for me! I mean experience wise--so cool! So recently there have been some pretty fab events that I've gotten to attend to "observe" and "take pictures" all while basking in the fabulousness of a grand event.

This past Friday was Children's Hospital's Sugar Plum Ball. Yes, that's right. A ball! Like Cinderella. Kinda.  Anyways, despite the rain it was a great night with a great turn out. It turns out a ball for a hospital is not complete without new medical technology being showcased (that's a new one), as well as, alcohol and countless hors d'oeuvres.

Yes, those are planes suspended from the ceiling..HOW FUN?

Holy passed hors d'oeuvres!


If you follow me on Instagram or read this post or this post, you'll know that I'm on a super health kick right now. Watching food documentaries like Food Inc., Supersize Me, and many others will do that to you. After about half of a week in of eating mostly clean and healthy and I'm doing pretty good. I still crave chocolate and cheeseburgers, but I want to be a skinnyminny this summer for boat season. So keeping that in mind, I headed out late Saturday morning in search of a juice. Not just any juice. The kind that looks green and scary and is a combination of all fruits and vegetables. No added sugars or chemicals.

I ended up at Fare: Food Apothecary on Magazine St.


It had spinach, orange, pineapple, and apple in it and for a pure juice, it really wasn't that bad. I did not, however, finish it all. I have this thing with weird textures and it had a LOT of pulp. Still, I'm proud of myself for trying it--just don't count on me signing up for the next 30 day juice cleanse!


Bridal Show day! At a country club no less.

This might be one of my favorite things about my job--even if it was on a weekend. I like talking with other professionals and potential clients, building the network, and getting free samples (Note: I did NOT have any of those delicious looking petit fours in the left of the picture. I SO wanted to though--read Saturday about health kick)

Pretty big, event packed weekend leading up to an even busier week I'm sure. Wish me luck, because I said so!
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  1. You should try a green smoothie, you might like that better(than the juice). All you need is coconut or almond milk, a greek yogurt, fresh spinach, a banana and either fresh of frozen berries. Just blend together and your done.(You can't taste the spinach whatsoever) You can add chia seeds or some other healthy add ins if you want. Btw You have an awesome job. : )

    1. I love green smoothies! I like making mine with almond milk, spinach, banana, and peanut butter :)

  2. Wow! That event space looks awesome. It sounds like you're going to be getting some amazing experience. :D

  3. How fun girl! I've actually never tried a green smoothie but I need to! I'm so PROUD of you for your fitness, keep it up!

  4. Food Inc changed my life. I am so glad to hear you have watched the movie and are aware of what this county's food industry is now. I am sending you plenty of positive energy to continue to eat clean & be aware of what is really in our foods.

  5. I'm super proud of you for sticking to your health kick! I tell myself I'm going to eat healthy and then someone offers me an Oreo and I'm done. I don't think I'd ever be able to do a juice cleanse either, despite the alarming number of ones I've pinned on my get skinny Pinterest board

  6. Your weekend seemed so elegant! A ball and bridal show all within a short time frame? Nice! Way to go on not eating a petit four--you have some willpower.

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! I'm the same way with weird textures - they get to me quicker than taste.