Because I Said So: Shopaholics Anonymous
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Shopaholics Anonymous

Ok so not so anon. Hi, my name is Allison and I'm a shopaholic. I've been on shopping sprees every weekend for the past couple of weeks and it is getting out of hand--the first step is admitting you have a problem.

One of my favorite movies is Confessions of a Shopaholic. I guess I should've seen this one coming. The good news is that unlike Becky (in the movie), I don't own any credit cards--much less 12, so I can only spend the money that I have.  I guess you can call that good news. The bad news, all of the bags in the picture are basically from this weekend. And this is what my table looks like almost every weekend. See? Problem.

Here are some tell tale signs that you are a shopaholic (adapted from Confessions of a Shopaholic, the movie and my personal experiences): Disclaimer: If you are someone you know is suffering from shopaholicism you should seek immediate help.

A store always smells good.

When your fingers grasp those shiny new bags...Best feeling ever. Am I right or am I right?

You constantly think that someone has stolen your card and went on an insane shopping spree. You couldn't have possibly spent that much money. Wait, did you?

You constantly think that "If I could just get ______ I'll be happy forever."

You make up crazy excuses as to why you buy stuff all the pretty things.

You have to split the payment in five different ways - i.e. $20 on this card, oh here's cash, $10 on here, am I there yet?

If there is a SALE, it's justified. Duh.

When you shop, the world is better.

Your happiness is highly dependent on the amount of bags you end up with after a shopping binge. And I'm not talking Walmart bags here.

You have to ask yourself "Do I need this?" constantly.

You have a secret stash of things you bought. If someone happened upon it, they'd think you were a human squirrel. (I'm not to this point...YET)

I can identify with basically all of these. This weekend I went to Lilly AGAIN just to get the free earrings. I mean they are really cute, so it's justifiable right? (oh add this one to the list above). AND the people at Lilly REMEMBERED me! Hello? I'll be there every weekend at this rate. Way to go sales people. 

See so cute right? Plus they were FREE with any purchase! 

Unfortunately, I don't have a cure for my self diagnosed shopaholicism. No spend weeks only make me want to spend more. Taking away my wallet only makes me angry. 

So for now, happy shopping everyone!
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  1. This is too funny and speaks to us all!! I feel the same way about purses - just one more and I'll never need another bag - LIE!! I'm really good about saying no to clothes (mostly because my mom is my personal shopper haha) but as for accessories and things for the home - I can't ever say no!! But it's all good - we make money to spend money right?!

  2. Yep I totally relate to this. I am the worst shopaholic. It's sad because I'm totally aware of this and have no desire to change! Haha

  3. The first few lines of this made me think of the shopaholics books--so funny that you included that!! I used to want to be a shopaholic (meaning, I'd go into a store, fill up my cart, then slowly, sadly, put everything back in its' place). Luckily (or unluckily? I guess it depends on if you're asking ME or asking my bank account) we don't have a whole lotta shopping around here (welcome to the land of walmart and food lion. Yippee). You are too cute!

  4. II can totally relate. : ) I usually validate it to myself by not paying full price or having a coupon etc lol.

  5. HAHAHA Confessions of a Shopaholicc. I LOVE it!

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