Because I Said So: The Man
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Man

He's the man, no he's MY MAN.
What movie is that's going to bug me all day.

Ok, so he's my dad.
The man I get my love of stationery, my obsession with collecting boxes, love of all Dave Matthews music, appreciation for the simpler things in life, and tons of other admirable traits from. The man behind "The Man Cards."

Since it's Thursday (it's technically throwback Thursday) and I've decided to share what my dad does for Valentine's for us each year. Maybe I got my love for crafting from him too, who knows? (Keep in mind the poor man has four women to keep up with so he has to keep things interesting--how do we not have our own show?) 

Anyways...drum-roll please....

Ta Da! 

Homemeade Cards!

AND it's a scratch off! 

Seriously, the most creative and thoughtful man I know.

Three options: Shopping Spree with Dad, Dinner with Dad, Movie Date with Dad. Please get the shopping spree, please get the shopping spree. I have no clothes and really need that shopping spree. There is a one in three chance that I will get a shopping spree and there is a good chance I will because I'm awesome like that and know how to pick 'em. Or I could be like Carol and save up my winnings from last year and combine them for this year--smart girl. AND there's a pretty high chance the rest of the girls will get a shopping spree too--or a dinner which could be equally as expensive (we aren't talking about an Applebee's date here y'all). He's seriously risking his wallet.

Recap: Carol got dinner with dad, my mom, Steph, and I all got shopping sprees. We are about to break the bank and/or give my dad a heart attack. I thought he was going to call the whole thing off when Steph said she wanted her shopping spree at Victoria's Secret--hello cute bathing suits. I'd like to see how that one goes.

Winner winner chicken dinner!
How I would make a scratch off card:
1. Figure out what I want the person to "win"
2. Repeatedly ask my dad what he used to make the said "scratch off"
3. Trial and Error it
4. Botch the first few
5. Mix Paint Glitter and a variety of other substances until it's just right
6.Viola! Scratch Off!

(by the way I'm horrible at how to directions. I get side tracked and by the end you probably still don't know how to _____.)

Side Note: Last year, I may or may not have cheated when picking which one to scratch off..ok ok so I did. Sorry dad! But this year I didn't I swear and I still got a shopping spree! Bam What?! Guess I'm just lucky like that.

All this to say, I can't wait to go shopping! Now just to pick a free weekend and a new Spring/Summer wardrobe and quality time with "The Man" (aka Dad) here I come!

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  1. That is so cute and sweet!! I've always wanted to do my own scratch off gifts!!

  2. This is the cutest thing ever!! And your dad sounds like the best guy on the planet!

  3. Stop, this is so cute! You have an amazingly thoughtful dad! My dad loves to shop but hes an outlet shopping type of guy haha. Always bragging about his low priced polo finds, etc. He always used to try to make us guess what he paid for things....(when I lived there) lol

  4. This is awesome - what a great card, what a great dad!