Because I Said So: But I don't like Vegetables
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

But I don't like Vegetables

Is a challenge.

Last night, when I got home from work, all I did was watch food documentaries. You know the ones that make you never want to eat again. 

So I know eating processed foods is bad. That's obvi. But according to Hungry for Change, the reason it's so hard to stop eating those foods is because sugar is strategically places in every single thing (except organic meats and vegetables) so you'll buy more and GET ADDICTED. The only way to get away from that is to eat whole organic foods. (Basically shop the perimeter of the grocery story--not the aisles) I'm all for that. In theory.

Food Inc, provides a look into the corporations that run the food industry--which is so confusing and I just feel bad for all the farmers and cows. Again it makes me want to just eat organic food from local farmer's markets. 

In Knives over Forks, the message is basically don't eat meat. A plant based diet is where it's at. Turns out, cancer and all other diseases are linked to meat and dairy. Cool. 

So that's my night in a summary. So depressing and confusing. Like, what am I supposed to eat now??

Here's where it gets tricky. I don't like vegetables. Ok I take it back, I only like about three vegetables. I don't like many. I'd die if I didn't eat animal protein as well--at least I'd be very hungry. So what's a girl to do? Apparently, your taste buds change around every seven years (here's to hoping this is the seventh year) and you have to try something at least three times in order to figure out if you like it or not. But how am I supposed to eat super clean and healthy when I don't like most things that are healthy? (the million dollar question)

I was basically raised on hormone induced chicken nuggets and carb and chemical laced macaroni and cheese. Of course, I didn't know all of this until last night--my childhood was based on a lie. Sure everyone knows to eat healthy, but it's killing you not to. It's pretty serious stuff.

Today after work, I'm going to Whole Foods and shopping the entire perimeter. I'll also be tossing a lot of the stuff in my pantry.  My health is important to me and not just because swimsuit season is basically here--although that is one reason. I highly Highly HIGHLY recommend these three documentaries (you can find them on Netflix) and would love suggestions on more to watch. In a way, it's kind of addictive to watch these even if they are so horrific.

What are you doing today to benefit your long term health?


  1. I officially gave up all meat about two years ago - before that I just avoided pork and beef. I really enjoy vegetarian substitutes for processed meats - Field Roast is my favorite, followed by Morning Star. They have a wide variety of options, and it's a great way to get protein without having to eat the real thing! I love Morning Star's Breaded Chik'n Patty, and their website has a ton of recipes to make with their products!

  2. One way to get a good dose of veggies in without having to TASTE them is to do a green smoothie! The hubs HATES veggies (of all kinds) but loves his morning smoothie full of spinach and kale (and bananas and strawberries) and despite the icky green color--he can't taste the veggies! You could also try using cauliflower as a replacement for noodles and potatoes! There are lots of recipes that dress cauliflower up on pinterest to make it more delish!

  3. I'm too scared to watch those because I'm a baby!

  4. I am not a fan of raw veggies so much, but I'll eat almost anything when it's cooked and mixed with a little olive oil and pasta (arugula, broccoli, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, etc!)

  5. I really need to get on my healthy food game

  6. I'm not going to lie I actually really love vegetables, as weird as it is lettuce is one of my favorite foods. But you know what I'm sure I'd love even more, those delicious looking chicken topped wonton things in that photo! Yummmm!

  7. It is hard for sure! I actually gave up sugar, as much as one can for a year. I am a month in and I am loving the way I feel.