Because I Said So: In Love with Lilly
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Monday, March 17, 2014

In Love with Lilly

If you followed my insta or twitter this past weekend, you'd know that I went to my first Lilly Pulitzer store ever! It was the Grand Opening of the store in Mandeville and just as with any other "grand opening" there were prizes. This time for the first 50 people in the door. 
So naturally, I had to be one of them. (This has since escalated quickly--#LillyforTarget)

My two "little" sisters and I waiting for the doors to open!

Getting up at 7 am on a Saturday is not usually one of my strong points or a favorite thing to do.
But hello, a free Lilly Pulitzer mystery gift was on the line. 
Up until Saturday, the only thing "Lilly" I had was a phone case (courtesy of Carol). So you can see why I NEEDED to be there and I NEEDED a free gift.
No longer was I just going to have a Lilly phone case. Nope. Not anymore. 
(Ok so I'm being a little dramatic)

Spoiler Alert: I spent entirely too much money, but it's Lilly and it never goes out of style. Right? Right. At least that's what I'm telling myself and my bank account.

Moving on.

You'll be happy to know that me, my sisters, and friends all got free gifts. I think we were about 30th in line. I may or may not have counted multiple times just to make sure. I got a stack of cups and so did Carol. Stephanie got a bracelet and her friend Baleigh got the coveted Murfee scarf in the exclusive Mandeville print.
I mean it was her birthday so I guess it's fine. 

Once in the Pink Palace, a.k.a Lilly Heaven, a.k.a My Favorite Place, it was like being stars struck. I'd only ever heard of these beautiful, expensive dresses before. Never had I seen one up close. And now they were mine for the taking. 

(I strategically transferred money the night before to prepare myself for this very moment).

 I may have a slight shopping problem. I alternate between "OMG I'm poor!" to "OMG must buy all the cute stuff!"

So anyways. 

The energy in the place was amazing. Everyone wanting that perfect shift or pair of shorts and vying for the same piece of clothing--in a super polite way of course. It was just so glamorous. 

After trying about hundred things on, I decided on deciding between two dresses. A maxi and a idontknowhatkind of dress (but it was cute--see below).

Matching! I ended up buying the dress--I mean how could I resist.

I have to give it to the sales girl--who was wearing one of the dresses I was deciding between. 

This is her: "I mean do you really have to decide between them? You can't just get both?"

 I'll take both--I'm a marketers dream which is weird since I am a marketer. Oh well. 
I loved that moment. 
I handed over my well worn card, said heck yes to signing up for mail from them, and spent the rest of the day on a euphoric shopping Lilly high. 

The whole world was just better because I now owned something Lilly (ok five things Lilly)

Summary: I ended up with the FREE cups, two dresses, four plates, and a FREE set of stationery (because I spent enough money to get another free gift). It was a great haul and a great morning.

Carol in MY maxi dress. She thinks she will be borrowing it, but she can think again!

Maybe I'll make a trip to Lilly once a month. Lord knows that's about all my bank account can handle. But for now I'm off to enjoy the fabulous Lilly things I have in my closet and throughout my house!

"Being happy never goes out of style."
-Lilly Pulitzer

Check out my #LillyforTarget haul here!


  1. I absolutely love both dresses! So adorable!

  2. Love the dresses! Lilly pulitzer prints are gorgeous! Iv'e never been in the store before.

  3. Love your picks! Lilly can do no wrong in my opinion. I restrict myself to major purchases only during the New Year and end of summer sales; I would have zero dollars in my bank account if I didn't

  4. Those dresses are amazing!! I love Lilly so much!! Thanks for linking up my dear!

  5. How cute! I love that you bought matching dresses!

  6. Oh, man! I had a roommate in college who was Lilly obsessed! I swear our whole place was pink and green. Those dresses are adorable! And I don't blame you--I'll get any where early if there's a free gift incentive haha!