Because I Said So: Ultimate Wishlist
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ultimate Wishlist

Does anyone else have one of these?

Like a list of things you want to buy/people to give you in the next couple of months? It gives you a goal of what you are trying to save up for?

Hopefully, it's not just me. 

EVERY TIME I try not to spend money, I come up with a whole list of things that I just need. 

Like now. Or yesterday.


1. Unique art for the apartment--I just ordered this from the fabulous Rachel by clicking here. Fabulous right?

2. Camilyn Beth dresses-- I mean they are so cute and classic
(but pricey which is why it's on my "wish" list)

I will own day.

 Photo credit is attributed to Camilyn Beth and Shannon Kirsten Photography.

3. A bar cart--I have a ton saved on my phone (screenshot) and it feels like I will forever be looking for the perfect one to stage.

Something like this one. LOVE IT!


4. Pure Barre classes--I want to do it so bad! Only between this and Lilly AND braces,  I don't think I'll be able to make rent payments. But I want to be skinny. Is this a #firstworldproblem? I think yes. Oops.

5. Braces--I know I know. Why would this be on an ultimate wishlist? Well I've been wanting braces for forever because I've had people make fun of my teeth. In about a month I'll have them (anticipated blog post duh) and in two years my teeth will finally be perfect! Hip hip hooray! 

6. All things Lilly--getting emails like this (sorry it's a screenshot) make my day and make me so happy. If you haven't read my previous post feel free. 
Yep, my bank account doesn't stand a chance!
Plus you can get those earrings with ANY purchase. So I could buy the cheapest thing and still get the earrings for FREE. Ok seriously I have a problem. 

7. More "pretty" books for staging purposes--like hello how fab is this! I snagged it from the collegeprepster's insta awhile ago (whenever I see something that I need/want/must remember for later, I screenshot it. Anyone else?) I already have an Eloise book, but I'd love more books. #totalnerd

That's all I can think of right now, but it should be more than enough. 
What's on your wishlist?

 photo becauseisaidsosig_zps7aaadf76.png


  1. LOVE YOU. 2. i love that dress! 3. I always want books like that but then I'm like whats the point if i'll read them a total of like twice in my life. Oh right they look nice

  2. Oh goodness. Yup. We all have ultimate wish lists! haha! I love the book idea! I'm with you on the braces thing. I'm way too freaking old for them-but I have a huge gap in my two front teeth that I've always been self conscious about.

  3. Umm literally had the exact same thought about the Lilly earrings. I really just want to order a $6 koozie to get them. And if I weren't on my zero spend week I totally would!
    From Mississippi With Love

  4. I love that dress and the cart! I am addicted to cute summer/spring dresses!