Because I Said So: Throwback Thursday
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday isn't just confined to Instagram--at least not here on Because I Said So! Today I wanted to share a few posts that seem to be super popular still, even though I wrote them months ago.

Ok so, there's:

This post where I confessed to eating baby food--I promise some of it is really good. Oh, and this post when I told the world that I wiped my dogs butt--my life y'all.

Thanks to Pinterest, these two posts get traffic daily...Turns out people really like posts about braces and dogs, even though they are brutally honest, they are relatable.

And then there's this picture that I totally should've included in this post . I debated on sharing this picture since it's not the most glamorous, but whatever, here it is.

The full snapchat was "grrrr.. Did I scare ya?" 

To be honest, I was still on the happy gas and legit thought I looked like a shark. Gotta love braces (said no one ever).

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