Because I Said So: 15 thoughts during Pure Barre Class (from a beginner)
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Friday, November 14, 2014

15 thoughts during Pure Barre Class (from a beginner)

P.S. I just took 15 Pure Barre Classes in 15 days. See what I learned here!

I started Pure Barre about a week ago and have taken a total of four classes (slept through that 6 AM one) and would definitely classify myself as a true beginner. I've done bootcamps and my fair share of personal training sessions and different workouts. But this is different, this is hard. Very hard. Does it get easier? Do I ever get stronger? Do I ever not want to quit during the first arms sequence? Am I a ballerina yet?

Pure Barre is a combo of yoga, ballet, Pilates, and all things difficult put to peppy music in hopes to distract you from the pain (a fact that I actually like--it kinda works). The veteran class-goers make it look INCREDIBLY easy while wearing super cute outfits mostly from Lululemon (hello life goals).
There are quite a few thoughts that cross my mind during a class, but here are the top few. 

1. Ok. This can't be that hard. I was a cheerleader. In high school. I can do this.

2. Is it supposed to burn here? I thought we were working the other side of the seat. Clearly doing this wrong, oh well at least I'm getting a double workout?

3. I thought these were sticky socks. How come I keep slipping when trying to hold this plank? If my socks were sticky I'd be able to hold it. Yea.

4. Just kidding. I have no upper body OR abs so holding the plank for the entire sequence would be a miracle.

5. Exactly how/what is a tuck?

6. Can someone point out the beginner modifications for those of us who can't stick their leg behind their head AND crunch?

7. Ooo stretching. Maybe I'll get my left split back!

8. That girl is wearing a cute shirt. I wonder where she got it. Probably Lululemon. 

9. I wonder how many classes these people have taken. They're like gymnast barbies. I want to be a gymnast barbie.

10. Ok. Cheerleading in no way prepared me for this. 

11. Please don't let us have the tubes with the velcro today. Please, please, please. Oh great. We get the tubes. Cool.

12. Ok, I really have no abs. Like at all. Fail.

13. Am I the only one suffering here? 

14. I look like a beached whale. I hate all these mirrors.

15. Ok concentrate. You gotta work bitch.

Luckily, I'm taking a "Breaking down the Barre" class on Monday, so I hope to have most of the moves clarified and a better understanding of what the hell I'm doing the terminology. While the class is hard (read: really really really hard) for me, I keep reminding myself that it's only my first week and everyone was a beginner at one point. The barre experts say it takes 10 classes to start seeing results and I've already seen some small improvements in my flexibility! A few people I know swear by barre, so I can't wait to see all of my hard work pay off. 

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  1. I just tried a barre class for the first time a few weeks ago to try to expand my workout routine (I normally do Body Pump and HIT classes) and pretty much had the same thoughts! I was never a dancer or anything when I was younger so I felt really out of place compared to the instructor. Overall, I liked it and felt like it worked muscles we don't normally focus on in any other classes. You should update on how the new class goes!

  2. I did my first barre class not too long ago also! I did ballet for 10 years & cheerleading/gymnastics so I thought it wouldn't be too bad. I could not have been more wrong! And I agree with all those thoughts!! It's definitely killer, but so worth it! Can't wait to hear about your upcoming classes!

  3. #3. Definitely #3. Love, a 5-classes-in newbie.