Because I Said So: Sunday Funday
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Funday

Yay for Sunday! Anyone keeping up? Well if you are, this is my SECOND post this weekend. Two for two y'all. 

Yesterday, I went to a local arts festival with my family (well part of it--Steph forever has to work) and I'm steadily crossing of things on everyone's Christmas list and well before December might I add! Let's see: I've already gotten Stephanie all of her birthday presents AND gotten her and Carol Christmas presents. The only people left are the hard ones to shop for: mom, dad, and boyfriend. Yikes. 

I love shopping at the little shops downtown during the outdoor market. It's never too early to start planning my fall decor for next year, right? This little burlap pumpkin was so cute!
Oh and when I'm downtown I ALWAYS have to get a cupcake! Yum doesn't even begin to describe it--I have quite the sweet tooth.

How many times can you blog about anything Pure Bare before it gets old? The limit does not exist. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait until Monday to go to the "Breaking down the Barre" class which I kind of touched on here. My newest obsession, in case you haven't noticed, is Pure Barre - even though it's a love/hate relationship.

We've been having a cold snap recently and while everyone else is complaining, I am LOVING it. We leave for Pittsburgh in two weeks so this cold front is getting me ready for the real cold! Plus, cold weather means it's ok to get coffee everyday right? Oh and bonfires!

Trying to make smores with this bad boy is virtually impossible. 

Well I'm off to brunch with the little-est sister. Pretending we are on the Upper East side is her new obsession and I'm not sad about it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, because I said so!


  1. gotta love cupcakes and red cups from Starbucks

  2. Cupcakes, Red Cups and Pure Barre. I love it!

  3. Were you trying to launch your s'mores into orbit?! LOL!