Because I Said So: How To: Pack for Cold(er) Weather
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Friday, November 28, 2014

How To: Pack for Cold(er) Weather

Instead of shopping today, I'm working on fitting my whole closet into a tiny suitcase. 

Yep, it's almost time for our (Josh + I's) 3rd annual trip to Pittsburgh! This year is extra special because it's our SIX year anniversary of dating and the Steelers and playing our hometown team: the Saints. So much excitement!

I struggle with what to wear every year because it's obviously way colder in Pittsburgh than in Louisiana. And because we are flying this year, I'm really going to have to condense my suitcase and not bring 10 different bags. If you're like me and traveling from one extreme weather condition to another, here are some tips for packing that suitcase.


1. Boots. More specifically, Bean Boots. These are a a lifesaver--as in, versatile. They are warm, water proof, and they have grippies on the bottom so you won't slip. Pack a dressier pair of boots too if you plan on going out!

2. Coat. Or two + a sweatshirt. I like to have options. A black/basic coat and a sweatshirt that is for good for lounging around (or any football games you have to sit through).

3. Leggings. Make that a few pairs. The fleece kind are the best. I wore two pairs of leggings at a time--the thermal kind and the fleece kind last year. Either way, leggings are. a. must!

4. Vests. Perfect for layering and an essential in my suitcase this year. Usually if my legs/feet are warm, I don't like to have too much on top or I'll get uncomfortably hot. Vests are great to throw on-top of your already layered shirts, while still keeping your arms free.

5. Hat/Headband/Gloves/Scarves. The accessories! Pack gloves that you can text in. It's extremely annoying to have to take your gloves off everytime you want to tweet or text. I used finger-less gloves last year and just kept my hands in my pockets most of the time to stay warm--whatever floats your boat.  I'm not much of a hat person, so I prefer to pack those headbands that cover your ears and this year, I'll be packing my new blanket scarf (c/o Marley Lilly) and probably a dozen other scarves. 

The trick to packing for cold weather is to only pack the essentials, because let's face it, winter clothes weigh more than summer clothes and you have to stay under the 50lbs. mark to avoid fees on major airlines. Let's see how well I take my advice. 
So, when it comes to making sure that your suitcase is under 50lbs. with boots and coats and all your winter essentials, may the odds be ever in your favor--because I said so!

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