Because I Said So: It's not your sticky socks, it's YOU.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's not your sticky socks, it's YOU.

This is a follow up post from my thoughts as a Pure Barre first timer.

Pure Barre

P.S. I just took 15 Pure Barre classes in 15 days. See what I learned here!

On Monday, I took a breaking down the barre class. In the hour and fifteen minute class, the instructor broke down almost all of the movements that we do in an average pure barre class--and even some I have yet to experience! Oh boy. And most importantly kept us laughing the whole time. It's like I didn't even know I was learning.

Overall, it was a very helpful class and it was good to see that other beginners (and even veterans) struggled with the same moves I did. Also a huge take away was that it's not that my sticky socks don't work, it's that I'm doing it wrong and I'm not strong enough yet. So there's that. But, I'm not alone! Hooray!

A reoccurring theme, is that I clearly have no upper body strength or abs. None whatsoever. I think I semi established it in the previous post, but on Monday night, it was confirmed. I can barely support myself in a push-up and the abs, well, they are laying dormant under years of flab. I can really only go up from here.

Everything I learned from the breaking down the barre class, I applied to last night's barre class and this morning's and what do you was both harder and easier. Easier because I now know where my leg was supposed to be, but harder because I struggled to hold it there for any substantial period of time. Baby steps right? 

I was able to push myself a little harder and tried to embrace the shake instead of coming out of the pose. Like I said, way harder, but I'm getting better! Plus there are pregnant ladies who take this class. Like if they can hold it with another human inside of them, then my little wimpy self can too.
Regardless, I still think my favorite part of class will forever be stretching. You can't be bad at stretching. Middle split here I come! 

If you are a barre goer, go to this class--because I said so. But for real, I might even go to another one! 

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1 comment:

  1. The title of this post sucked me in, and I loved it! I need to get back into my barre routine, as well!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass