Because I Said So: Apartment Hunters
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Apartment Hunters

It comes as a bit of a shock to me that I've been living on my own for over a year now. And even more of a shock that my lease is up at the end of December (instead of February like I thought). Staying means paying more per month, and that's not happening.

So, this past weekend I went apartment hunting. 

I honestly felt like I was on HGTV's "House Hunters" (only for apartments--why don't they make a show for us renters?) I had a checklist, took notes, oh and I had a clipboard. So official.

On the show, in case you aren't familiar, they usually show three options: one within the price range, one outside of the price range, and one under. When I say that's what I visited this weekend, it was spot on. I wanted to scream, "Hello, where's my camera crew!"

The "over budget" apartment was WAY over which is usually a bad thing because the people always fall in love with it. But for me, it was turn off number one AND didn't have all or really any of my "must haves" except a pantry. Oh and no washer/dryer. So that's obviously out.

--I've learned that apartment prices are rising rapidly and I'm honestly ready to throw in the towel and live under a bridge in a tent--

The "under budget" apartment was WAY under budget and was the most adorable and affordable place I've seen. However, there was a reason for it. Let's just say, the reviews online were terrible. Like safety issues, terrible. 

Moving on.

The apartment within budget (just barely) checks out on reviews and when compared to my "must have" list. This is the part of the show where they cross off the two they don't want and announce they one they do. If only I could decide in a thirty minute window of time!

I've been going back and forth ALL weekend long and I still haven't completely made up my mind. I've been stressing myself out over what option will save me the most money (should I just move back home, stay where I am, buy a house, etc.) Too much in my life is not certain or stable and of course that stresses me out to no end. I just want to get to where I'm supposed to be. A lot of stress in general. Ugh.

How did you decide where to live? Currently taking all tips.


  1. Go for the on budget one that's safe! Safety is so important. Wish I had some tips for you, but instead I'll send some virtual hugs. :)

  2. I wish I had advice for you too... it's getting so expensive out there! I just scroll Zillow looking at all the nice places we CAN'T afford hahaha :) I'm no help!

  3. My advice is to move home for now until you find a place you 100% love. You'll be able to save money (possibly put what you'd spend on rent towards your future house downpayment?) and not feel rushed to just pick a place. Unless you're going to be spending a ton more on gas to get back and forth from the city, I'd say it's worth it for a few months. Yeah it might not be the most fun to live with your parents again for a while, but just think how not fun it'd be to rush into an apartment you don't love and be stuck there for a year until your lease is up again. I moved back home after graduation and have been here since. It's not the most exciting thing, but every time I start to regret it I think about how happy I'm going to be down the road when my savings are so built up and I can afford to buy a new car or take a big vacation or buy my own home. Plus I'd rather live at home now then move out and have to move back in in my 30s

  4. Good luck making your decision! I know it can be hard. We ended up buying a house after renting two apartments for two years. Our monthly payment (mortgage, insurance, & taxes included) is less than we were paying in rent! I know buying isn't an option for everyone, but it was right for us at the time. I would make sure whatever you do, it is in your budget, and a safe area :)