Because I Said So: InVEST in Your Closet
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

InVEST in Your Closet

If you follow me on Instagram you'd know two things: I've hit the 500 follower mark (YAY!) and I'm now a rep for Juliana's Boutique (DOUBLE YAY!) I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity!
One of the perks of being a rep is that I can save YOU money! By using my code, you can get 10% off of your purchase! The prices are already affordable, but every little bit helps! My code is "allisonellzey"! 

I'm not quite sure HOW I stumbled across this online boutique based out of Georgia, but I am sure glad I did. They have the cutest clothes that won't break the bank.
Before I was a rep (ok, I've only been a rep for like two days now) I bought two vests. A fur one AND a J. Crew herringbone look alike (because I cannot pay $90 for a vest at this point in my life). 
I literally wear these vests all the time! 
VEST #1:

Pictured: Fifth Avenue Socialite Fur Vest (similar here and here)

VEST #2:

Pictured: Fall Excursions Herringbone Vest 

This vest is sold out, but I have my eye on this one and this one! Give me all the vests! UPDATE: This vest as a twin and it's back and better than ever! (this one is quilted!)

Don't forget to use my code: allisonellzey when you check out to save 10%! 


  1. OOOO I NEED that herringbone vest! Too bad it's currently sold out :(
    I'm in the same "can't pay $90 for a vest" club as you.

  2. They're both so cute! A+ pics, girlfriend. I picked up one last year that's leopard print fur, and MAN I'm in love. You can never have too many vests!