Because I Said So: The Grammar Police
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Grammar Police

I have a confession:

I have a serious problem when it comes to correcting people's grammar. I'll correct them to their face, under my breath, or in my head.

You can just call me the grammar police. I don't do it to try to be mean or make myself sound smarter, it literally just bugs me and comes out automatically. Oops.

Top Annoyances:

-The old your vs. you're argument. Your is possessive. For example: Your cat or your house. You're is the contraction for YOU ARE. You're going to the dance. It is NOT YOU'RE dog. *you are dog--doesn't make sense.

-Same goes for their, there, and they're. Their is possessive. Is that their apartment? There refers to direction. For example, the dog's toy is over there. They're is the contraction for THEY ARE. They're my new neighbors. 

-Using an before a word that starts with a vowel. Do you have an octopus as a pet? It's not a octopus. You just sound ignorant and uneducated.

-Things like "she gone" "he done that" "where he is." Again you sound uneducated. Slap a contraction on those pronouns and rearrange some words and viola! Good to go!

Use the right grammar people. It's not hard.

That being said, comma splices and most punctuation errors don't bother me as much. I mean, I wasn't an English major. So go ahead and have a run-on sentence, just don't use the wrong form of "your."

I frequently correct J on words used when he speaks. Subbing them for the correct word or offering a word that would make the sentence make more sense. He just rolls with the punches; bless him. (and I think he's learned a lot-haha)
My family should be called the Grammar Police: Troop 9. We correct each other's grammar when we slip up and usually everyone else's grammar that texts us or that we find on commercials. We aren't mean I promise! I think my sister is far worse :)

P.S. Sorry this post doesn't have a picture and thanks for reading any way! I'm slacking on the whole "being a good blogger and having an intriguing picture to go along with it."

Be sure to use the right form of their, there, and they're. After all, you've had your grammar lesson for the day!


  1. I am the same way! My top annoyances, besides the ones you've already listed, are "conversating" instead of "conversing" and "tesses, desses, etc." instead of "tests and desks".

  2. Pretty sure your my brain sister. I get an eye twitch when people say that "he done" crap.

  3. Using the wrong form of words totally drives me crazy too!!

  4. I'm an English major and am definitely the same way. My husband is also very cool about it. Poor man. I even correct him in the middle of arguments (which I of course start, lol).

  5. Bought and brought, another frustrating one!

    Rachel | Rachel is Elsewhere

  6. What about, "Where's it at?" Grrrrr..... Also, I'm lucky (ha ha) enough to live near the WV border where "clothes need warshed" and things "need cleaned." I know I'm not perfect, but come on, people!

  7. I love this!! Poor grammar really bothers me too. It really isn't that hard. I immediately just assume the person is uneducated and I can't take them seriously. I'm so glad I'm not alone!!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush