Because I Said So: The 5 People You'll Meet at a Beer Cart
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The 5 People You'll Meet at a Beer Cart

The catering company I work for also does the concessions at a local baseball stadium. I usually work the beer cart at least once a week--because who doesn't like extra money?

Sidenote: people can be so rude. You graduated college? Why do you work at a beer cart? Like it's sad or something. I just do it for the extra cash AFTER my 9-5 not in place of. K? K.

Now that we have that settled, here are the five people you'll meet at a beer cart. 

1. The silent ones that point. Hi sir, what can I get you? *points in a vague direction towards beer* Oh you want that one or wait that one? Could you be more specific in the direction you are pointing? Or at least SPEAK to me? Use your words sir. Ok have a nice day, I guess.

2. The douchebag. Sorry, but we all know "that guy." The overly cocky guy that tries to flirt (but in a gross, evenifiweresingle I'd never go out with you type of way and says things like "beer me" or "I'll have another." Uh ok what specific beer would you like? I see hundreds of people, I don't remember you're specific order. You aren't THAT special. And beer me? Really??

3. The over friendly/slightly stalker-ish guy. This guy literally wants to stand and talk to you alllll night. Where'd you go to school? Why are you working at a beer cart? Peanuts or seeds? Where did you get your braces? What beer should I get? Slow down dude. What is this speed dating?! Borderline stalker. Please leave. 

4. The alcoholic. Ok, so they may not be an alcoholic, but no sir, I can't get you 5 Bud Lights, 4 Coors Lights and 2 Millers. I'm only allowed to sell you two at a time. And how in the world would you carry that? Oh you're back again? Still can't give you 11 beers at the same time. Sorry. 

5. The underage. No kid you're ten, I will not sell you a beer. Nice try though.

People are very "interesting"? I guess that's the word to use. You really learn SO much about people by people watching. Makes all the strange people I meet almost worth it.


  1. hahah!! This is great. "Beer me" you have got to be kidding. Gah! I am looking forward to more of your Beer Cart stories! I think this should be a series!!!!! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh wait, I think these are the same people I encounter at work every day! They must leave my casino and head over to your ballpark haha. My favorite is the overly friendly guy who seriously has a million and one questions; I usually just pretend that someone is radioing for me and run away to a different part of the casino to hide for a bit

  3. That sounds like a pretty nice way to pick up some extra money! Plus, your descriptions seem dead on :)

  4. I'm that ten year old. JK I know I cant buy drinks publicly/legally. TALK TO YOU LATER