Because I Said So: Confessions from an Urgent Care Waiting Room
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Confessions from an Urgent Care Waiting Room

I've been doing a lot of people watching lately. At the ball park, and now at the urgent care. When you sit back, other people's life drama unfolds. It's actually very entertaining.

The first people we encountered, (yes we, I made my mom come with me to the urgent care on Mother's Day), was this couple coming back from just having seen the doctor. (Is that proper grammar? Oh well) They were kind of loud and not shy about the reason they were there. Why would they be, it was hilarious. Anyways, the man was limping and the wife did not feel an ounce of sympathy for her poor husband.

Want to know why? I did too.

He fell down the stairs in the middle of the night while sneaking to get a moon pie. Yep. Just picture that in your head. He was sneaking around in the middle of the night, likely because his wife told him to lay off the sweets and what does he do? Break his foot. Typical. His wife found out about his sweets addiction anyway.

So that gave us a good laugh.

The next couple comes in with their precious little baby. But it turns out, it's not the baby that's sick or that's really being the baby here. The husband, apparently, was having horrible earaches, so much so, that it made him dizzy and he kept running into things and falling over. Sounds pretty bad to me, but I'm no doctor.

After filling out all of the new patient paperwork (which is like pages on pages on pages), he decides that he is magically feeling better and doesn't need to see the doctor. Thus, starting a fight with his wife, who was only trying to point out that he should see the doctor NOW while they were there and it was only bound to get worse and then he'd have to take off of work.

Makes sense. Duh.

So then he had to awkwardly go up to the counter and explain that he was magically feeling better to the nurse. Acca-awkward.

There was another couple in there randomly talking about bleaching their teeth, like with real bleach. So that was weird.

And after that we finally got called back to see the doctor.

People watching is probably my new favorite thing to do, I mean people, in general, are just so interesting and different. You should try it sometime, because I said so!


  1. I'm a confessed people watcher too. What can I's cheap entertainment!

  2. Bleach on your teeth? Like, household cleaner bleach? WHAT.

  3. That is hilarious! You should definitely do more of these kinds of posts!

  4. I love people entertaining. I would have been cracking up at the guy falling in the middle of the night while trying to sneak sweets...and the people bleaching their teeth with actual bleach? OMG!

  5. Bahaha. I'm a total people watcher. Urgent care is full of gems. Hey, I snuck downstairs to put coconut oil on my thighs when I thought my roommate was sleeping. THEN I heard her coming downstairs as my pants were around my ankles and I was slathering on the oil. STOP RIGHT THERE, SARA!! LOL Luckily no broken feet. That same roommate used to put all our junk food on a super high shelf. I would almost break my neck trying to get up there! LOL