Because I Said So: Absolutely No Butt Bows
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Absolutely No Butt Bows

Disclaimer: The list is not intended to offend anyone and was in all honestly probably thought up while tipsy. 

Countless bridal shows (hello TLC Bride-day Friday), Pinterest "Dream Wedding" Boards, being a bridesmaid and a guest at lots of weddings, watching wedding highlight videos, and working in the wedding industry--how can I not have my wedding mostly planned out? I basically know what I want to some extent and I for sure know what I DON'T WANT.
The first and most critical item on the list: Alcohol for sure. Ok, I'm not an alcoholic or anything so no need to judge. It's just way more fun this way and after all this is the biggest party you'll throw in your lifetime--usually, unless you're like an A-list celebrity or super rich. You have to think of your guests on this one so do it for the good of the people and don't forget the mimosas.
This one is a personal one for me: I will NOT get my dress from David's Bridal. Not that there's anything wrong with David's Bridal, I'm sure they have fab dresses--I just have dreams of getting mine from Kleinfeld's or a similar boutique.
No ugly dresses/shoes for the bridesmaids. I will try try try to keep my bridesmaid's best interests at heart when shopping for a dress and shoes. I won't make them match in some hideous taffeta monstrosity and make them buy horrible shoes to match. I've seen some tragic bridesmaids dresses and yikes--hello 27 dresses! I actually kind of like the mismatched look--different lengths and dress styles, but all in the same color family. We'll see. 
Dancing/music is a must. Duh. What else are you going to do?
Absolutely, under no circumstance are there to be butt bows on any of the dresses. The bride or the bridesmaids. It's just not cute--and it's not the 80s anymore. SAY NO TO THE BUTT BOWS!
Do NOT play the song "Stroke It"-- I was appalled when I heard this at a wedding. Like I'm sorry, you're going to be with a huge mix of people including your parents and grandparents. I do not want to be in the same room with them when this song plays, much less watch people dance to it. Gross.
Same thing with the Wobble. Some people get way to into it and I don't wan to see you dry humping the air at my wedding. It's not cute sweetie and everyone knows what you are trying to do. K?
Do not be THAT bridesmaid. We've all heard of Bridezilla, but I'm here to tell you that the Bridesmaid from HELL can be 10x worse. Don't be that girl ladies.
I'm sure this list of do NOT's will grow as I witness more and more weddings (always a bridesmaid/wedding goer, never a bride *sigh*), but I wanted to include some things I for sure want to do.
Monogrammed shirts for the bridesmaids to get ready in. Everything is better with a monogram of course.

Mimosas while getting ready. I'll probably need that AND a chill pill. Ashley, you have this one covered right?
Pretty passed food. Hello, I work for a caterer. Foods to have and not to have is a whole other list and can of worms that I am not going to attempt to open right now! But for now, holy meatballs...they are so yummy.

What are your must's and must not's?


  1. since i'm planning my wedding right now, these are things I have been thinking about a lot lately! i'm glad we're having alcohol at our wedding too and I sorta let my bridesmaids pick their dresses. They're the same dress basically in different cuts, so hopefully that makes it easier on them.

  2. This definitely sounds like a wedding I would put together!! lol I will kill the DJ if he plays the Wobble!

  3. I have a confession, I'm a fan of the butt bows. Well not on the butt, but higher up on the back of the dress. Hopefully I'll outgrow this before I get married in approximately a million years

  4. I love letting the bridesmaids pick their own style of dress all within the same family. All the girls being too matchy-matchy is way overdone and lame, IMO.

  5. Do: Get married. Don't: Make a big deal out of it <-- my dos & don'ts from experience! HAHA. Anyway, I think I followed all your rules except we did the wobble. Which I did way better at my bachelorette party when I was drunk. Or maybe I just think I was better because I was drunk. Anyway, I don't think anyone got too far into it. It was soon after dinner so no one was hammered yet. Or they were, but they weren't on the dance floor.

  6. No butt bows, that's for sure. We didn't have alcohol at our wedding--I think it depends on the community you're in whether that's normal or not. Most of my family (including myself) are teetotalers out of respect for some really awful alcoholic tragedies from our family's past--so there was no alcohol at my wedding. My husband said ours was the first wedding he ever went to without alcohol, because we're from different cultures. I've actually only been to one wedding with alcohol--I think whether you have it or not is really a cultural thing or a family choice. It IS possible to have fun without it. ;)