Because I Said So: Are You a Technology Addict?
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Are You a Technology Addict?

Last week around this time, I thought my life was completely over. O.V.E.R. Done. I'm dead. Bye.

Why? You may ask. Exhibit A.

Yep, this is was my precious iPhone 5. I dropped it from chest level and viola. And I just had the screen fixed, dammit. I was on the verge of tears (read they were streaming down my face)--searching for a pay phone (do they still have those) so I could get in touch with anyone who cared to listen to the tragic tale. 

Josh was the first on the hit list. Poor guy. I always take the most simplest of problems out on him. What can I say? It's a gift. And he's a very patient man. I haven't scared him off yet *knock on wood*

Anyways. In tears, I'm trying to explain to him what happened and he, of course, fails to see what the big deal is--frustrating me even more that I could be so stupid as to drop my stupid phone AGAIN and make it a non-functioning pile of junk. I mean, my life is basically ruined. 

How will I ever contact anyone again? How will people know what I'm eating for lunch or what I'm thinking at any given moment?

Next, my mother. This call could go either way. The "how could you be so irresponsible" route OR "it's ok it's just a phone" route. Good ole mom--the "it's ok it's just a phone, you can get a new phone" route for the win. My dad was cracking up at the fact that I was hyperventilating over a phone. Right. So.

I have to go a whole night without a phone. Like what. No. Why the hell does Best Buy close at 9pm?! Luckily, I dug out my iPad, charged it up, and was able to text via the iPad. The only glitch, the iPad only works on wifi. Wifi is not everywhere and so therefore I still can't communicate most of the time. Tragic.

To make a very long, dramatic story short, Best Buy screws me over, AT&T over charges me, BUT I have a new iPhone (the 5s  in gold--what else?) and life is good again by Friday afternoon. So while I thought my life was over--and I do mean over (that panicky feeling was all too real), I survived my less than 24 hours without a phone. It wasn't easy, but I'm a survivor. 

This whole scenario makes me question: why am I so addicted to technology?! It's honestly very scary and sad. And how did I/society function without technology?

Are you addicted to technology too? (Please tell me I'm not the only irrationally attached to their phone/computer/camera/iPad etc.--because I said so)


  1. YES!! Most specifically Apple products. They're like crack.

  2. I am so emotionally attached to my technology its so sad. If my phone // laptop died - I'd die. Especially because I'm a photographer & a lot of my work is on my computer & backed up on two external hard drives. If I lost any//all of those I'd literally have nothing.

  3. If I forget my phone when I go somewhere, I don't know what to do with myself. It's awful. I need it with me at all times...

  4. oh my gosh i am completely addicted to technology too don't even worry about it i start to hyperventilate if i forget my phone.

  5. Oh goodness I am most definitely a technology addict!! You hit this right on the head. I wish I could say I can unplug.... but this is definitely something I need to work on!

  6. The actual worst part about dropping your phone is knowing the cell phone company is going to over charge like crazy! I feel your pain!