Because I Said So: Good Friday
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Good Friday

This morning, I woke up mad that it wasn't Saturday yet. I didn't want to do anything but sleep. I mean it was one of THOSE mornings. Who's with me?

But after a trip to Starbucks (which makes most everything better) the whole day was turned around--largely because of how much caffeine I took in. All I needed was a venti coffee with an extra shot of espresso and I was/am good to go. Still riding that caffeine high at 6pm.

Little bit jittery, fully motivated.

Besides working all day, it's been a super busy, yet productive Friday in other aspects of my life. I finally said to myself, "just do it" for the things I've been putting on hold over and over again. Putting certain things in motion has made me super optimistic about the blog (sponsorships are coming people, GET EXCITED) and my financial future--not to sound like a nerd/dork.

Plus, having a good mail day two days in a row makes everything even better!

{here's where I brag about all of the goodies I got in the mail}

Yesterday I got a graduation announcement for one of my best friends (Hi Rebecca--wouldn't miss it for the world!), my Louisiana print from Fine Print Calligraphy, and a canvas from All Things Pretty! Today I got a monogrammed Tshirt from Meredith! I don't know if it's the caffeine talking, but I'm so excited. This is the most mail I've gotten since I moved into my apartment.

I was definitely able to turn my day around! So here's to a good Friday and even better weekend.  Ta for now--have a great weekend, because I said so!


  1. Getting happy mail is the best thing ever! <3

  2. That is some SERIOUS mail!! So many pretty things!

  3. Wow! How can I get mail like that?! ;) You must be going to a Starbucks in the suburbs or country... going to Sbucks here in the city is straight up anxiety central! Chicagoan city-dwellers take their coffee VERY seriously and if you're not ready to order by the time you get to the front, you best just leave. (Can you tell I've been traumatized?? ha!) It's Drive-thru Starbucks for me these days!

  4. I love that canvas! It's so simple and pretty!

  5. Hope you have a great weekend it is Saturday today for sure!

  6. Coffee makes everything better!

  7. I love good mail days!!! It seriously does make the day that much better!!