Because I Said So: Ten Favorites of Traveling
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Ten Favorites of Traveling

I love linking up with Brianna for my Ten Favorite Things about well, really anything and everything every month.  This month it's My Ten Favorite Things about Traveling! 

1. Seeing new Sights. It's nice to get out of my own comfortable little bubble every once in awhile and be forced to navigate a new, strange place. Even if just to a new city in your own state.

Covered Bridges in Pittsburgh, PA
2. Not having work. Usually when you travel, it's for a vacation. Which means an escape from the everyday "norm." Which means no work. And if it's not for vacation, it's still out of the norm--and you're still getting a break from work. #heckyes
3. Road Trips.  This is kind of a favorite and kind of a not favorite. For two years now, me and the boyfriend have taken a 17 hour (one way) road trip to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers play. While I like road trips with him, that long of a road trip is tiring and gets old--with limited stops if you know what I mean (How come boys can hold "it" longer than girls? Not fair.) That long with the family and I'd probably go crazy. So I guess this should read "Road Trips if less than 8 hours". 
Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN

4. It's a Vacation. See #2. You don't have work. You can relax. You can have fun and let loose.
5. Hotels. I like love staying in hotels. The hotel sample soaps--I collect them for my dad who has a weird collection of them. We literally wouldn't have to buy soap or shampoo/conditioner for months thanks to his stash. Weird I know. Also racking up the hotel points and saving up for a free night is a plus.
6. Sightseeing. Exploring the the ins and outs of a whole new city and playing tourist is just plain cool. I love learning about the culture and history of the different places I visit!
Playing tourist in NOLA, Race and Religious

7. Adventure. Whether it's getting lost, having an impromptu snowball fight on the side of the road, or getting lost (can you tell I get lost a lot), it's all an adventure and you never know where/what you'll end up seeing/doing!
8. Local Treasures. Those not-so touristy things you inevitably find to do that makes the experience that much more special.
9. Being a Tourist. Like who cares if people are looking at you funny or annoyed with you for standing in the street trying to get the perfect picture? You'll never see them again so live it up.
10. Quality Time. Getting to spend every waking hour with the same person/group of people can get old, but always looking back it's worth it. So many new memories are made!
Yay for link ups! Link up your favorite things about traveling--because I said so!


  1. I laughed at "not having work"! So true!!! (Here from the link up)

  2. Agree with all of these! I love a great road trip too!

  3. I agree with all of those things too! I'm really hoping to get a chance to road trip with friends this summer, maybe I'll get the chance! Reading anything about traveling makes me crave it!

  4. haha YES to not having work. best one I've read all day! ;) Thank you for linking up girly!

  5. yeeeeeees LOOOOOVE number two and four!! Enjoyed reading all of these! :)

  6. Theses are all of my favorite things! Especially the part about getting lost being an adventure! My sister, Mona, and I get lost a lot, but its part of the fun!

  7. ha ha, love #2. I work to travel, so get a lot of pleasure from being able to relax while away. Great list :)
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  8. I am with you on the road trip! I love them, but sometimes it really can be too long. My husband and I drove cross country from Chicago to Los Angeles (and then BACK) in one year- it was A LOT. This post is such a great reminder though to explore even in your own city.. thanks for the inspiration!