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Monday, May 26, 2014


I repeat: One of my best friend's is engaged. 
When Rebecca called me Thursday night, I almost didn't believe her. All she had to say was "Allison" and I knew what she was going to say. Every time I hear the story about how he asked her to marry him and how he asked her parents for permission to ask, I almost cry.

Disclaimer: All photos by Courtland Wells. Fabulous job. They will cherish these pictures forever. And  really, how cute are they? I can't wait to see how their actual engagement pictures turn out! (Joshua, I hope you are taking notes :))
Congrats Rebecca and Chad! 
I've basically known them as a couple from the very beginning and Rebecca was one of my first friends in college. I remember her freaking out wondering what she should say to him and asking how she would know if he liked her back. You know, the usual. These two met over my sophomore Spring Break, which will always be one for the books--and one they will clearly remember forever.
My dad will always know her as the "Hawaiian Punch girl"--spring break, she bought this nasty green Hawaiian punch as a mixer--wedding present? I think yes. Rebecca, you are probably dying reading this right now.
Anyways. I can't believe they are engaged. Earlier that day, she told me that she had this feeling. What? How can you have this feeling? But apparently Chad is a horrible liar and her "feeling" was right! So, let the festivities begin!

A little back story, her parents are jewlers. Perfect right? So Chad, drove up to her hometown to "ask" her dad to marry her AND to get him to design and put together the ring. I'm swooning over here. He said, and I quote (from dinner Friday night) "I know y'all know I didn't just drive all the way up here to visit. Your daughter makes me very happy and makes me smile every time she walks in the door." And then he asked if he could marry their daughter. Seriously almost crying. I'm such a sucker for a love story.

I basically have her whole wedding planned out and I seriously can't wait to go with her to tasting and dress fittings and everything that comes with getting married--it IS my job after all!
I'm so so so happy for you guys and your wedding will be perfect--because I said so of course! Love y'all!



  1. awwww and congrats to them both. Love is an amazing thing.

  2. It's so sweet how her fiance collaborated with her dad on the engagement ring! Congrats to your friend!

  3. One of my best friends got engaged this weekend too!!!! I cried like a little baby on Facetime and a lot more the next day. what can I say, I"m a sucker for love! haha.

  4. That is so sweet and yep, I'm one of those girls who loves love!