Because I Said So: Panic Attack Strikes Again
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Panic Attack Strikes Again

It's clear that I have anxiety problems. If you didn't know that, read this. I'll wait for you to catch up.

So yea I have anxiety. 
It's super annoying and I really can't help it. Sometimes I'm able to talk myself out of a panic attack or have J talk me put of it (that usually happens while driving), but other times I can't.

This time it all started with: 

Did I turn my straightener off? OMG! DID I TURN IT OFF?! 

I'm sure every girl has had the same panic thought process--this is a regular occurrence for me.

I'm starting to think I need this rug from etsy store Be There In Five

I  came to the conclusion that I didn't, in fact, turn off my straightener and the whole apartment complex will burn along with my dogchild Laney.

 This. Cannot. Happen. I. Am. The. Worst. Dog. Mom. Ever.

{{Proceed to drop all current plans to go back to the apartment to see if I turned it off. Literally.}}

Let me rewind...

At the time this thought process ran through my head, the beau and I were on out way to have fun (I know--this is huge for me)...a parade of all things--first one of the season.

 I almost started crying because I was so worried. After YELLING at J to turn around and threatening all kinds of things if he didn't--we were almost late for the parade and it's all because I can't my anxiety under control oh and also my inability to let things go and just have fun (subject to be revisited at a later date)

I know you're dying to know if it was turned on: well it wasn't. Not even plugged in--as usual. Cool. And we made it with plenty of time for the parade.

My sister, a pyschology major, told me that checking multiple times to see if I left it on is a form of OCD. Pair that with my already existing anxiety and boom you've got an emotional nightmare. 

Take it from me, be sure to turn of your straightener before you leave home... 

...because I said so 

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this is part of my weekly wrap up..more like a one day recap of the weekend, but this is my first time doing this so don't hold it against me!


  1. Yikes - that is not fun at all...but I think to some degree we all have anxiety! Hey if you need to check twice before you leave the house if your straightener is off - then do it - it'll make you feel better! :)

  2. I use to do this all the time too. When I lived in my sorority house I would always text/call a sister to go check for me that it was off; I even got our house mom to go check for me one Friday night when everyone was out. I finally started making a conscious effort to unplug it and move it, even if just to the other side of the counter; this little act helps me remember that I did in fact turn it off.
    From Mississippi With Love

  3. I (and my mom) do this too. I have a thing about checking the locks before leaving to travel. I've learned to do things deliberately (so I have a memory of doing it) and say clearly "I'm checking the stove, it's off...I'm locking the door...I'm checking and it is still locked." I will also make a checklist and cross off things like "feed cat" "turn off stove" so that on the plane I can be sure that I did it. It sounds super nuts when you write it out like this, but anything that can reassure you is worth doing!

  4. Thanks for linking up girl! I struggle with anxiety too and worry about ALL THE THINGS, so I totally understand!

  5. I do this ALL THE TIME with candles. The problem is that once I DID accidentally leave one burning, so now I always think that I forget to extinguish them!! I would have wanted to go back, too! Don't blame you at all!