Because I Said So: Valentine's Weekend Recap
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Weekend Recap

So this weekend was fab-u-lous! 
I know I say that every weekend (because I genuinely love my time off), but even though I was sick, I had a blast!

I'm probably the ONLY one with a Valentine that didn't take pictures of him/what he got me or post them on social media. I AM blogging about it though so I guess that counts.

P.S. My daddy had roses delivered to my office--which everyone thought was so sweet :)

Like I said, I've been sick. Battling whatever was going around the office. Just in time for Valentine's Day. Cool. I sucked it up and made my blowout appointment at Dry Bar Bleu a blow dry bar, despite the three hour nap I took. I've never had a blowout/been to a "blow dry bar." In fact, whenever I blow dry my hair, I end up looking like a troll. Lack of skills and know how. In general, I try to avoid blow dryers at all costs. So, I guess you could say, I was highly skeptical.

I was blown away--no pun intended. 

 I walked in and was immediately offered something to drink (mimosa, white wine, water, etc.).  The girl doing my hair was just the right amount of chatty and introduced me to the owner who offered suggestions of what to order at SoBou. I didn't end up looking like a troll--which is always a plus. I'm so mad I didn't get any pictures of it--but I guess that gives me a chance to go again and actually take pictures this time!
The only picture from dinner that night :/

Dinner was at a swanky new restaurant in the French Quarter--SoBou (South of Bourbon) Our friend from high school is a chef there and was able to get us a table and some dishes compliments of the chef! (It pays to know people--thanks Eli!!) It wasn't food we would normally eat, but it was very very very good! Five Star Review from yours truly.
Saturday was my complimentary City Tour! (remember how I won tickets?)
A few of the highlights:
The new H&M
Magazine Street 
Jackson Square

Isn't it glorious?

We had a blast! It was like a Valentine's present for the both of us. J still had energy to go out that night, but being sick (and ignoring it) was catching up with me so I was the DD. There's nothing I love more than being woken up from a Benadryl induced coma to go pick up two drunkies. But whatever, at least they didn't drive drunk.

Sunday, we went back to the quarter this time with J's friend Cameron in tow. We toured Jackson Square again and pretty much walked allllll over the quarter--seriously my legs hurt. We watched a street show (they are pretty legit-my sister has their DVD), got a drink at the famous Lafite's Blacksmith  Shop (the oldest bar in the quarter and haunted), and I got to eat my oysters! 

Thanks to Joshua for making this the most fabulous weekend yet. 

I wonder what adventures next weekend has in store!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty perfect Valentine's day - minus the cold!! Glad you're feeling better and how cute that your dad had flowers delivered!!!