Because I Said So: No More Missed Opportunities
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No More Missed Opportunities

Missed opportunities suck. You sit there kicking yourself/banging your head on the wall thinking WHY?

Don't let the drama, politics, or your own self doubt make you miss out on opportunities. You never know who you'll meet if you let go of all of that, get out of your comfort zone, and make the first move. 

I'm talking about making friends here. 

Yes, it's true that whoever is in/out of your life is that way for a reason, but relationships of all kinds take work. You won't wake up one morning with thousands of friends (I've tried) or hope to rekindle a friendship by holding a grudge.(Hint: It doesn't work like that) Don't wait for the "right moment" because it may be gone before you have a chance.

I know I'm guilty of doing all of the above. (must be a girl thing)

Besides, making friends is hard, unless you're in preschool and/or a boy.

But, I'm so thankful the friends I do have, even more so now that I graduated college. Even though most of them live over 100  miles away, they each add their own kind of value to my life. 

It's hard to make new friends in a new city by yourself.

Looking back, I so wish I would've talked to more people outside of my comfort zone. I've never really been the kind of girl to a. be friends with everyone I meet or b. be outgoing (ok I'm exaggerating, but not by much) Drama and politics of who wasn't talking to who because of who knows why stopped me from branching out. (I didn't let that get to me in high school--which is how me and Josh started dating, but that's a story for another time..dontcha think?) Anyways, don't let that be you or you will regret it.

Taking a step back after being thrown out into the "real world" on your own really makes you appreciate what you have.  I almost missed being friends with the most encouraging person you'll ever meet. Even she says that our friendship is way over due. We haven't been friends for very long, for whatever reasons, but I know she's a friend for life and couldn't be happier about it.

So in conclusion (why do I feel like I'm writing a paper) 
Go out and make new friends or tell the ones you have how grateful you are for them--because I said so!  You never know who you'll meet and you might just make someone's day.

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