Because I Said So: Always Round Down
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Always Round Down

Boho, Apartment deco, Candles, Decor, Smell good
The $30.00 candle that I NEED--have I mentioned
my neighbors are smokers?!

Sometimes you just have to lie. Ok maybe not lie, per say, but stretch the truth or omit something. 
(which is basically lying but whatever)

Before you think that I am a horrible person,
let me explain. 
{the conversation typically goes something like this}

Josh: You are NOT going to buy that $90 shirt AND that $30 candle.
Me: No, no I'm not. (Meanwhile I'm plotting when I can go back and get that shirt and candle when he's not there)  Babe, I'm not going to buy them, I promise! (can you leave already so I can buy both?)

Dad: You paid HOW much for WHAT?!
Me: But yea look how good it looks/and it goes with this, this, AND this!

I'm not trying to say I'm into basing a relationship off of lies, but if Josh (or my dad) asks me how much my shoes/shirt/any other piece of clothing/anything I'm buying was, I'm most likely going to round down. 

NOLA, Mardi Gras, Louisiana, Perlis polo
The $90.00 Perlis shirt I'm dying
to have for Mardi Gras--although I might be
able to fit in the kids so I get it for cheaper!


For example: if I bought a pair of shoes for $65.99 I'll most likely soften the blow with an "oh they only cost like $55.00." I rarely drop the real price at all and if I do, it's either a mistake OR I wait until I wear the shoes (or any other piece of clothing/display home decor) and they realize how great I look in them/it looks. 

Always make it seem like it was their idea.

This rule of thumb is brought to you by my mother. (Hi MOM!)

She has also taught me that:
It almost always works the opposite way as well. If you are asked by you dad or your significant other/husband if you need money before going anywhere, round up. 

Pay attention to what your mom says boys and girls, you might actually learn something--
because I said so!

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  1. you are too funny!! My husband has learned that what he doesn't know wont hurt him...but that's also why you have a joint account for the two of you and then you both keep your separate accts for spending...that way he doesn't get mad when i've had 4 mani's in one month!!

  2. Hahah I totally this too! Here's a trick I learned from my mom. When we were younger(In our Abercrombie & Hollister days) and she would take us out to shop. She would pay half cash and use debit for the other half, so when my dad would be at home checking the account online like a hawk, he had no idea how much was actually spent. : )

  3. Have you ever watched I Love Lucy? There's an episode where Lucy buys a new dress and puts it in the back of her closet for a few months before she wears it. When Ricky (inevitably) asks in horror if she bought a new dress, she can say without lying, "Oh no, this has been in my closet for months!"