Because I Said So: Haircuts and Roadtrips
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Haircuts and Roadtrips

Two compound words that
 (I don't think are really compound words...there's probably a hyphen in there somewhere) 
are some of my favorite things. 
This past weekend was one for the books (isn't every weekend that I'm not working?) that I'm sure I'll be talking about for awhile to whoever will listen.

On a whim, me and the boyfriend drove to Hattiesburg to see my friend/his friends. There's always a couch waiting for us to crash on it so we decided to take advantage of that.

But first things first, this girl needed a haircut. 
Or a trim I should say. 
I will never CUT my hair again. Last time, I got too scissor happy and chopped it all off and looked like an eight year old chubbier version of myself today. 
NOT GOOD. (I cringe every time I look at pictures and my sisters make fun of me while my mother insists I'm beautiful no matter what)
Since then, I have vowed to never chop it all off again. I need need NEEDED this trim though to keep my hair looking healthy and so I can achieve that goal "summer length"

Work. Hair cut trim and style out of the way and we are off to the Burg.

Friday night: Drinks with the friends (those that weren't sleeping--Rebecca or out of town--Morgan haha) AND we didn't get one picture. I'm still mad about that.

Saturday: Getting a budget made, and then spending all said budget at Victoria's Secret (not really but close...sorry not sorry that's what happens when me and Rebecca go shopping--we spend money and lots of it), afternoon drinking, and movie watching.

What's not to love.

Side Note: I seriously can't hang anymore. I was fighting to keep my eyes open while Ashley and Lisa were determined to find the hidden Disney messages in the movies we were watching and while J was at the bar. God I'm such a grandma.

Yes that's what 22 years olds do on a Saturday night--watch Disney movies (not every Saturday, but it's needed every once in awhile-don't judge) 

Next time you're watching Frozen look for Tiana from Princess and the Frog (according to Lisa--she's there) Ashley and I are highly HIGHLY skeptical (meaning we know she's wrong), but you never know with Disney! 

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