Because I Said So: Pink Sunday -- The Haul
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pink Sunday -- The Haul

A few phrases come to mind after this today's Lilly for Target opening: 

"We are the CHAMPIONS"
"My goodies, my goodies"
"I'm a SURVIVOR, I'm gonna make it"

My sisters and I had the date marked on our calendars for at least a month and we had a game plan. There are a few Targets in the area and it turns out the one we went to got every single item. 


We woke up at about 5:30AM, got coffee for 6ish, and arrived to stand in line at 6:30AM. At that time, there were only three other ladies at the door. As the time ticked down to the doors opening, the line was well into the parking lot.

Our Target was only letting people in ten at a time, luckily we were numbers four, five, and six. But don't let our good line standing fool you.

I made it to the clothes just before the crowd descended on me. Literally a mad house. I was grabbing XS and S by the threes and Carol was doing the same on the next rack. There was no time to even think "do I want this?". Grab now. Ask later.

Luckily we are all relatively the same size! We regrouped with each other then headed off to find our other sister who was in search of baskets. I ended up finding them for her while she was wheeling and dealing at the dressing rooms.

Arriving at the "HOME" section was another nightmare in itself. This particular Target was NOT restocking ANY clothes, but was restocking the housewares. That meant every time any worker brought up a new shipment it was gone before you could say "save me a pillow." 

Making friends and bartering proved to be the way to go. We made friends with a few of the people in line with us and they ended up handing us stuff they didn't want later on. Worked out nicely for us (looking at you outdoor pillow!) 

We had so much in our buggies by the time we wanted to try on, that people were gathering around us and trying to shop out of our buggies! These women were NOT playing around.

This is where the trading came into play.  But only the people we felt were most deserving (aka not annoying and poking around in our buggy) That sounds horrible, but the lady who was reaching in my buggy, was NOT getting the shift she was getting handsy with because she was creepy.

All in all, we made out very well and seems we fared better than most people. I chalk it all up to planning in advance and lots of luck. 

Pictured above: Bowls, Romper, Shift, Pillow, Headband, Shirt, Pants, Flask

 Everything seems to be sold out online, but you may get lucky if someone returns something in the store! 


  1. We went at 845 and everything was sold out for us. I was under the impression that target was going to be carrying this line for awhile - I didn't know it was a one time deal! Looks like you made out though. That is awesome.

  2. Wow! Quite the shopping adventure! Lol... sounds like a good memory!

    1. I think we will be talking about this for a VERY long time lol

  3. I ended up getting a dress and shorts! I wasn't even planning on getting anything but then I had to go to Target anyway and I found some things!

    The Adored Life