Because I Said So: In vs. Out
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Friday, April 10, 2015

In vs. Out

This weekend calls for lots and lots of rain and on top of that, I'm getting sick. Regardless, it's still the weekend and that's cause to celebrate!

Here's what is IN and OUT this week.

What's IN:

Baseball Season. I'm not actually a huge fan of baseball, but when I work the beer bars for our local team, I usually make a TON of money. Read this post on the different people I meet!

Cooking. I know right?! I made this recipe Wednesday night and have been eating leftovers. Y'all, it's so easy to make and SO good. It might even be something that Josh may like (fingers crossed). I've never been so happy to have leftovers--to me it means, I can cook, be domestic, and don't completely suck at being a girl! Speaking of recipes, did you check out this super delicious one?

EW with Jimmy Fallon. If you haven't seen this skit, it is the funniest. My sister Carol and I watched these when went home last weekend. It's hilarious.

What's OUT:

Being Sick. It started with a little tickle in my throat and now my sore throat is waking me up at night and making me sound all congested. Cough drops for breakfast it is.

Rainy Weekends. Did I mention that it supposed to rain ALL weekend? Fingers crossed that it doesn't!

Cleaning. This made the list last week, but it's back again! This week I only managed to half-way do the dishes while letting the mountain of laundry pile higher and higher. Oh well, next week I'll get to it. Maybe.

Happy FRI-YAY!


  1. Definitely agree with all the "ins" I can't wait to go to a Brewers game just for the drinking and tailgating lol

  2. Haha those Jimmy Fallon "ew"'s are great. I just watched one with him and Ariana Grande.

  3. I hope the rain and sickness doesn't mess with your weekend too much!!
    Definitely finding there is so much more joy in cooking when you have leftovers. lol It makes it feel like your work was really worth it because it lasts so much longer. And agreed on the Ew videos. The one with Channing Tatum is still my fave of all time. Have a great weekend!

  4. Ew with Jimmy Fallon. xD that's the best.

  5. Umm all things Jimmy Fallon are the greatest things ever. Seriously, I just want to be bff's with him.

  6. I've already had it with this rain! It just started and it's already putting me to sleep! I hope the rest of the weekend turns out nice!

  7. Totes agree!!!! Well except the baseball hehe I'm not a sporty gal. But everything else! Yassssss

  8. My hubby just got over being sick. People I know back home are sick with the same symptoms. Seems like there's just something going around. Suppose to rain all weekend here too, but it's western Washington, so of course it is. Feel better! (Found you on the TFIF hop).

  9. I am not too into sports, but can watch baseball in the summer. I love going to games and just enjoying the atmosphere of it all! Definitely an in!

  10. psht! who has the time for laundry?! that should have a permanent spot on the "out" list haha! Those skinny burritos sound pretty delish! & left overs are always a good thing! Have a great weekend!

  11. Aw I hope you feel better soon! Also that burrito recipe looks DELISH. I love Mexican food but always feel guilty about the calories!