Because I Said So: In vs. Out
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Friday, April 17, 2015

In vs. Out

Another week in the books. And a rainy one at that! It's literally been raining for a week and a half straight. I'm here to tell you, the weather really does affect your mood--bring back the sunshine!

What's IN:

-Blogging. Duh. It still amazes me that this little space of the internet attracts and keeps people coming back to read what I have to say. It's so inspiring to inspire others!

-LILLY FOR TARGET is the day after tomorrow! I'm excited to see the collection (in person) and excited to break my spending freeze!

-Weekend activities: After last weekend of being sick and pathetic, I'm ready to have a fun filled weekend! Watching dad sing in a school play, supporting my cousin at an Antique Festival, going to see a musical, and Lilly for Target. And that's just the beginning! Literally, going to be so busy, but I'm already loving it!

-Hail. Ok so it's not really "In" but I did see some at work the other day. It's the only time (that I can fully remember) that I've seen it. Thankfully, it wasn't big enough to do any damage, but still big enough to see!

What's OUT:

-The rain. Enough is enough already. I'd like to see the sun and do something about this lack of a tan I've got going on. So tragic.

-Allergies/Springtime colds. STILL getting over this one. Boo!

-Getting Up Early. Sometimes I don't mind getting up early, but I would definitely prefer to sleep in until at least 10 AM every day. Not getting enough sleep is the absolute worst.

Cheers to the weekend and making it through Friday!


  1. I hope the rain is wayyy wayyy OUT! It's been drizzling all week here! Have a great weekend girl!

  2. definitely agree with the "ins" and I wish my allergies would disappear already. SUCKS!!!

  3. My allergies are just starting and I am NOT happy about it. So I guess more staying in and blogging for me!

  4. Ugh spring allergies are the worst! I am loving all of your 'ins'! Have a great and busy weekend girl!

  5. I am so excited for Lilly for Target!! I have to hold myself back from getting everything LOL

    1. You and me both. My current list is way more than I can afford at the moment. Having to cut back is so hard!

  6. Lilly for Target is everything. Can't wait!!

  7. I miss the days I could sleep in. Week days I wake up at 5:30 to get my morning work out in and then on the weekends I am lucky if I can sleep past 8-9. I remember the days I would sleep all day!

  8. We have hardly started spring and I'm already sick of the allergies. It's only going to get worse too. Can summer be here just so I don't feel like being a hermit in my house to avoid non-stop sneezing and watery eyes. Good luck on the Lilly sales!

  9. I am so jealous that you can sleep in until 10 am!! I dont think i've done that since i was 19.... I am also super excited about the Lilly collection. I will be making a special trip to target on Sunday just for it!

  10. We've had so so much rain lately too. I saw the sun for the first time in days today, hopefully this weekend will bring the last of it for awhile. Keeping my fingers crossed we both snag all our must haves from the Lilly for Target collection!

  11. Cannot wait to see the Lilly Collection!! We had a horrible wind storm and snow this week, just when it was starting to be warm enough for family walks in the evening. Here's hoping good weather comes & stays soon!

  12. Way too excited for Lilly for Target!!!


  13. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead - I hope you'll be sharing your Lilly purchases on the blog! Have a wonderful weekend! :)