Because I Said So: Bathtime for Laney
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bathtime for Laney

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  We (Laney and I) received the flea and tick shampoo to review as part of's blogger review program.  Since Laney has yet to learn how to write, I am reviewing on her behalf. As always, all opinions and pictures are my own! (oh and Laney's) See Laney's other post here!

I'm happy to say that Laney has never had a flea problem. She does, however, have a problem with rolling in dead things/smelly things. And she hates baths.  

Usually, and I know this is terrible, I'll bathe her in whatever shampoo I have on hand--whether it's Herbal Essences or Pantene. And when I say "I'll bathe her" I really mean have my dad bathe her or pay one of my sister's to (or Josh's sister--she makes a killing). Like I said, this is terrible and not good for her as a dog obviously, so I was especially excited to receive this shampoo from

P.S. She has a vet appointment today so I thought I'd make her extra pretty and smell good (shh don't tell her).

Laney is already on flea and heart-worm regimen, but since we live in the woods (aka middle of nowhere and Josh lives on a farm) it can't hurt to have the extra protection.  The shampoo itself smells surprisingly good even though it says "unscented". Think limeade. I was surprised it didn't smell more like medicine, but I was grateful that it didn't since I basically took a bath, as well.

As with any medicine you give your fur baby--read the label! You can only bathe your dog with this once every 7 days! It'll kill all fleas/ticks and repel ones from latching on. When using in conjunction with a monthly topical flea and heart-worm medicine, wait at least a week before bathing to ensure the medicine has had time to soak in.

After today, I'm hoping Laney continues to NEVER have a flea OR tick problem!


  1. I love your red Hunter boots!! Great use for them too :)

    1. LOL! I think I'll always use them for this now!