Because I Said So: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Not to be captain obvious or anything, but it's December y'all. Also known as, the most wonderful time of the year!

November was a great month and I loved wrapping it up with a trip to Pittsburgh and celebrating Josh and I's six year anniversary of dating. Yep, we've made it through high school, college, and now our young professional years. Ok, enough with the mush. Back on topic.

I actually did really well with sticking to my goals last month--if I had to grade myself I'd probably give an 85% plus an A for effort.


A short recap:

I did not start running. Maybe today after work? But, I did stick with barre class super consistently.

Just under the 3,000 page view mark last month (like by 3) BUT I'm counting it as a win anyway! 

Find a place to live. Well, that would be the apartment I'm currently in. The market is ridiculous. So the best decision: sign a short term lease, slap a budget on my overspending butt, and make it work. 

Buy Christmas Presents! 90% complete guys! All I have left to buy for is Josh, so I'm counting it! Everyone in my family is taken care of and I feel like I have all the time in the world!


Ok this month's goals:

1. Grow blog. Shooting for the same amount of page views last time, same posting schedule, and not just posting to post. I'd love to throw more sponsored posts in the mix and maybe even join a blogging society!

2. Run! I think this is on the list every month.

3. Enjoy the Holiday season. Take it all in, watch as many Christmas movies as possible, find/decorate the tree, and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

What are you trying to accomplish this Holiday season?


  1. Congrats on knocking out so many of your goals from last month. I hope this month is even more successful for your goals. What's your favorite Christmas Movie? Is there one you watch every year?

  2. I am jealous of all the goals you crushed...way to go girl! My goal going in to the new year is to learn more about other ways to grow my blog and market myself better. I have almost all my shopping done, but by this point I usually have a lot more wrapped by now but oh will get done! ;)

  3. Great goals! I keep saying I'm going to go running but then I realize I hate all forms of exercise #thestruggle And I just discovered your blog and love it! Here's to giving you more page views!