Because I Said So: It's All in the Details
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's All in the Details

It's no longer winter here in these parts but I couldn't help share one last "cold weather" outfit. Seriously, all we've gotten in the past week is rain, humidity, and temperatures in the upper 70s! You know you live in the South when...

So for those of you who are still experiencing winter and haven't been thrown into what feels like Summer, this post is for you! I love all of the details of this one--mainly the polka dot tights! Really, every outfit is made (or not made) by the details. You can take something as simple as a white tee and dress it up or dress it down based on what you pair it with. 

If you remember this post, I dressed the tee down and paired it with jeans and a scarf. I love pieces that are so versatile.

Side note: the boyfriend mentioned that I owned way too many clothes (is that even a thing?) and that it could cause a closet space war when we move into our house--so versatile items are soon going to be my BFF.

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