Because I Said So: Four of the Worst Foods to Eat with Braces
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Friday, January 30, 2015

Four of the Worst Foods to Eat with Braces

It's almost been a year since I've had my braces (one year to go) and from trial and error I've learned what to eat and what not to eat. The ever popular 10 braces friendly foods was first, and now I bring you: foods not to eat (because it's just plain annoying!) This is more than your average orthodontist list of foods not to eat: gum, popcorn, etc.

1. Rice. Ugh rice. It's soft and easy to swallow so you'd think it would be ok to eat. Wrong. Be prepared to meticulously pick each morsel out of your brackets. I still eat it, but boy is it annoying!

2. Oatmeal. Double ugh. I've stopped eating oatmeal because even after one brush, it's not enough. You've got to brush your teeth for a good ten minutes and perform what seems like brain surgery to get this out of your teeth.

3. Anything overly Seasoned. Oh the dreaded "do I have something in my teeth?" is taken to a whole new level. OMG why did no one tell me I have black pepper specks ALL UP IN MY BRACES?! Resist smiling at people until you are able to brush thoroughly and/or floss.

4. Peanuts/Cashew/Nuts. The little bits and pieces of nuts that you would normally not be bothered with become stuck in the way back of your braces--the hardest place to reach ever. They are healthy, I know, but more of a pain than healthy benefit in my opinion.

P.S. I just got my braces off and can now eat everything on this list! Click here to read why getting your braces off is the best thing EVER!

What else would you add?


  1. How about corn? I don't wear braces but it seems like when I eat toast it always gets all over my teeth!

    1. I actually don't eat corn or I'm sure that would've made the list haha

  2. Popcorn for life. And carrots. These things are just not possible to eat with braces. Also, carrots are bright orange so they attract a lot of attention... not exactly the best. I am SO GLAD I have mine off. Those were tough times for the girl who likes to eat EVERYTHING.


    1. But really. I just want to eat gummy worms and all the foods without anything getting stuck (only a year left, holla)