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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Because (She) Said (Yes) || Rebecca + Chad

Wednesdays (for the most part) on this blog are #WeddingWednesday. To shake things up, I'm starting a new kind of series: Because She Said YES!
Now instead of just advice from a wedding professional (aka moi), I'll be mixing in interviews with couples either recently engaged or married and featuring their advice. I hope you enjoy!

When: July 2015
Where: Jackson, MS
Photographer: Hillary O'Briant of Southern Bella Photography
(find them on Facebook)
First up, one of my best friends, Rebecca and her fiancĂ© Chad. I love telling their story because I was there from the very beginning--literally! It's not everyday you see a relationship come together right in front of your eyes. I'd like to say I had a hand in putting the two together because I sat up every night with her listening to her gush about her new crush.

Southern Bella Photography

I wrote a little bit about their story here, but long story short, they met over spring break and it wasn't completely romantic--friends interfering from both sides, the combo of sun, sand, and alcohol. They even joke that it's going to be a weird sort of story to tell their kids!
Their wedding is coming up (in July) and somehow Rebecca has managed to stay cool, calm and collected (not at all a bridezilla) while planning and working as a full time nurse. Her secrets? Read on.
Me: How do you stay in budget?

Rebecca: As far as the budget goes, it’s important to realize what’s important to you and your fiancĂ© and where the money should be spent. A rustic venue was a must have for us...I don’t want to give too much away, but we plan to have lots of personal touches and a fun atmosphere to celebrate our new marriage.

Me: Any advice for those just engaged?

Rebecca: My biggest tip to the newly engaged, is to take a break from the wedding planning! It can become so consuming and overwhelming at times. Chad & I have started a little monthly tradition. On the 18th of every month, (our wedding day) we try to spend some quality (non wedding) time together.
Some dates are just pizza and a Redbox--but, it's going to be really cool to look back after we get married and actually start celebrating our wedding anniversary.  

Like, why I haven't I thought of that?


In just a few short months (eek!), they will be married--because she said YES!