Because I Said So: "I saw the SIGN and it opened up my eyes"
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"I saw the SIGN and it opened up my eyes"

"Or actually I didn't and that's why I missed your wedding, but at least I made it to the reception right?" That is definitely not something you want to have to say to a bride.

Signage is probably one of the most important details of your very important day. It tells people where the bathroom is, what the food is, and where the wedding is. All crucial elements, right?

A few CRUCIAL things to label:

1. Where the wedding/reception is: even if you include a detailed map on the invite some people will still get lost. To help, place some kind of sign at the entrance that conveys the message "You've arrived--time to party!" (balloons, etc.) Do this ESPECIALLY if your reception is in a complicated location and/or people have been known to get lost before.

2. Food: Have you ever been at a buffet and wondered what it was that were looking at? Labeling food items is helpful in general, but especially if there are food allergies. You DO NOT want someone with a seafood allergy to take a bite of a crab cake and end up in the ER or have to pull out their Epi-pen. Also, picky eaters benefit from this. (label the bar while you're at it!)

3. Reserved Tables: To dodge the "faux pas" of one of your guests sitting in "Aunt Betty's" special spot. I've seen some people get pissed off because their "spot" was taken.

4. Which door to use: People coming in the back door/ banging on a locked door is never a good thing. Solve this problem with a simple door sign "Please use other door" or "_____ Reception use front door"

Have you ever experienced a wedding or party mix-up due to no signage? 


  1. Yes Yes Yes to labeling food! I'm always amazed when people forget this simple step not just at weddings but at any event. Besides for the obvious safety reasons it helps a line move so much faster because it eliminates the constant "what is this?" that everyone asks to the person behind them in line

  2. I had a tiny wedding for my first one and eloped for the second and don't go to weddings very often, but I can imagine with people's food allergies these days it is SO important!