Because I Said So: Weekly Favorites
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Favorites

Happy Monday everyone! I love a good weekend that feels productive, but relaxing and lazy at the same time. It makes me that much ready for the week ahead. Here's what I'm loving this week/weekend:

Serial: I've heard a lot about this podcast series that takes old cases and re-investigates them, but never thought of myself as a "podcast type person." But, it's really good. Like really good. Yesterday, I took Laney on a two mile/almost 1 hour walk. That was plenty of time to get started on the first episode.

Meal Prepping: it's unbelievable, I know, but I have dinners planned out for the next week and a half! This means I also have lunches planned. Win-win.
  • Tonight: Turkey Chili with (burnt) Cornbread
  • Tuesday: Maple Dijon Chicken
  • Wednesday: Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup
  • Thursday: Burger Patties with Garlic Roasted New Potatoes
  • Friday: Grilled Tilapia with Green Beans
I mean I'm pretty excited about cooking dinner now!

Clean(er) eating: I went through everything in my fridge and pantry and threw away items with ingredients I couldn't pronounce--or that I knew were bad. I have basically nothing left in the house to eat, but I don't get paid until Wednesday. The struggle is real.
Gym dates: I really don't like to go to the gym alone. Which is why I'm glad Josh is back into working out. It definitely makes it easier to lace up those tennis shoes.

Competition: Josh is a very VERY competitive person. Always has, always will be. So, he loves to challenge me to a healthy dose of friendly competition every once in awhile.
Our challenge: To reach our weight loss (or weight gain) goal.
Time frame: Whoever reaches their goal first wins.
Reward: The "loser" has to treat the "winner" to dinner of their choice.
Naturally, I have picked the most expensive restaurant as my prize WHEN I win. Game on.

Netflix Food Documentaries: I'm so obsessed with watching food documentaries. Finding out where our food is grown and even seeing extremes like Veganism is absolutely fascinating. Food Inc., Super Size Me, and Forks over Knives are a few of my (current) favorites.

What are you loving this week?


  1. That's the same reward I'd give myself--fancy, expensive restaurant!

  2. Good job with the meal planning. And you made me laugh - "threw away foods with ingredients I couldn't pronounce". Great way to eat healthier, that's for sure. (It took me a while to learn how to pronounce Quinoa properly :-> ) Happy #NYNB

    1. LOL mostly when it comes to like mono(blahblahblah) acid or xantham gum (like what even is that). I would love to have quinoa on my shelf, but I don't actually know how to cook it steps lol

  3. Meal prepping is pretty amazing isn't it! I made myself a few lunches ahead of time last week and felt like I was crushing life! It's so convenient to have it all ready to go! Is your bag a Kate Spade? It's super cute!

  4. Good luck with winning that dinner! I also love food documentaries, king Corn and Fed Up are good too:-)

    1. Now that "Fed Up" has been recommended twice--I will for sure have to watch it!

  5. Just starting to read through your blog and I'm lovin it so far! I totally get the wanting to start eating healthier, but it can definitely seem a little daunting at first! Keep it up with the gym and the meal planning. I'm sure that will help alot!
    We just recently watched "Fed Up" (It's .99 cents in the iTunes store). You should check that one out as well. I was literally eating a cupcake when I started watching and haven't touched one since. :)
    #NYNB love!

    1. I will definitely have to check that out! I'm obsessed :)

  6. I LOVE your fitness goals with your boyf! So cute. And I'm so glad you got on the Serial's ADDICTING!

  7. This week I am focused on getting myself organized and staying on track to lose weight. I think I need a gym date with my hubby!