Because I Said So: The Bride ALWAYS goes on the Left
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Friday, October 17, 2014

The Bride ALWAYS goes on the Left

So, this may or may not be turning into a wedding blog and I don't hate it. I want to be a wedding planner (when I grow up) so it's fitting. Plus, I'm at that age where EVERYONE I know is getting married. 

Today's lesson stems from a "real life" situation that happened at work not too long ago. 

Lesson #1: The bride always goes on the left. 
A rather simple rule. 

This particular couple had booked a rehearsal with us to go over the order of events and mainly to let the children in the bridal party learn how to walk down the aisle. You'd be surprised at how many people need help doing this seemingly simple task. Nerves are what usually makes it so difficult. 
Anyways, their pastor came with them to rehearse and during the first run through, everything was fine. The second go around is where things got a little hairy.

Somehow the line up got switched. As in, the bride was now on the groom's right side and the whole thing was just switched up. This is wrong by the way. 

Come to find out, it was per the pastor's request. Being the budding wedding planner that I am, I decided to intervene. After arguing with the pastor for about 10 mins (I'm going to hell), the stubborn couple and pastor decided to keep things THE WRONG WAY! I couldn't have been more furious and quite frankly over the whole thing. 

Luckily, they ended up switching everything back the day of. Because of this, I have a great story to tell and I will never forget this very simple rule: the bride always always always (even in Jewish ceremonies) goes on the left. Not the preacher's left (as he mirrors everyone else), but the groom's left. (and not just because I said so, because it's like the normal, traditional way to do things!)


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