Because I Said So: How to: Gallery Wall
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Monday, October 20, 2014

How to: Gallery Wall

This weekend I made my second gallery wall.  I had random prints and canvases lying around that I never got to putting up. And since I was doing a mass clean up and recently learned that my lease is up at the end of this year rather than in February like I thought, I figured why not. Plus, they are just fun to make. I love laying everything out ahead of time and trial and error-ing it until it works!

Left to Right/Top to Bottom: A picture of Stephanie and I when she ran "HOME" on bid day. We are both Phi Mu's now #LIOB | "Think Pink" because my favorite color is pink (obviously) | An abstract picture of a girl that Stephanie sketched for me. Heart canvas that my mom made for me for Valentines day. "A" splatter painted monogram made by yours truly | "LOVE" from TwoThirdsHazel |  Quote canvas made for me by my big sis in Phi Mu | Canvas by AllThingsPrettyBlog 

The one I made this weekend was for my room (above). I did some rearranging and had a spare wall that was too bare. The one below is in the living room! 

My pawpaw made a bunch of these cubes before he died so they will always have sentimental value to me

My top tips:
- Make sure to incorporate things that have special meaning to you. Think of it as one big conversation starter!
- Key concept to constructing a gallery wall is to have things of different sizes, colors, and even shapes. 
- Lay everything out on the floor before you go nailing things into the wall. 
- Have fun with it!

Speaking of unique and personal pieces, in my living room I have on display a book I wrote AND illustrated in 1st grade: "Max the Koala Bear". Slightly embarrassing (people love reading it and getting a good laugh), but genius.

Happy decorating--because I said so!


  1. Love it! It makes so much sense seeing your photos, but an eye for decorating I do not possess lol. I haveta copy someone elses ideas.

  2. I love both of your gallery walls-super cute! And I love the color schemes you used too.

  3. I love it!! All your prints and canvases are perfect.

  4. That looks gorgeous- I love the color scheme so much!

  5. These both look so great! I have a large wall in my room I want to make into a gallery wall so I'm slowly collecting pieces until I can convince myself to put that many nail holes in the wall