Because I Said So: Fall Weekends
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Weekends

After the seemingly longest Monday ever, I'm finally able to sit down and reminisce on this weekend. It  was the best in all ways, but especially in the  R&R department.

I got to see my family after two weeks and actually spend the whole weekend with them, instead of an hour here and an hour there. So that's always a plus. 

Any time I can come home to someone else cooking (or buying the take out), cleaning, and paying the electric, it's pretty much paradise. (Thanks mom and dad)

A quick recap full of reasons WHY this weekend was the best ever. 


  • Off work early 
  • Beautiful weather 
  • Picking up Carol from a football game and hearing her say how she's "just not like all of these typical teenagers doing typical teenager-y things"--you go Carol stay this way forever :) 
  • Chinese food 


  • Weather below 60 degrees in the morning (even if it ended up being 85 by mid afternoon)

Sadly, this sweater didn't last long with the bipolar Louisiana weather! P.S. I'm getting better at the #fashionblogger  #ootd posts!

  • Frisky pups who also like cold weather
  • Fall Festival at my old high school. We volunteered for different booths during the day and Carol performed with her dance team.
  • Norma's Pizza Shack--which will be one of those places (we've only been twice) that provides hysterical family memories for years to come. (Picture below taken BEFORE Carol spilled her Stromboli on my purse)
  • Watching Hocus Pocus all the way through for the first time this season and realizing the boy's name is THackery and not ZACHARY. Mind blown.
  • Tuning into the Ole Miss/LSU. I don't really have a favorite but I do love a good upset--and like to be knowledgable at work and around the boyfriend.

Norma's Pizza Shack

  • Brunch with my favorite engaged couple: Rebecca and Chad 
  • Phi Mu family day with my sister 
  • Early birthday celebration for dad at Carettas
  • Riding around looking at beautiful houses
  • My family and Josh's family hanging out 

Whenever I have a bad day or a just plain exhausting day (like today), I like to take a moment to pause reflect on all of the blessings in my life.

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