Because I Said So: Three Things They Don't Tell You About Wedding Planning
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Three Things They Don't Tell You About Wedding Planning

I've been in my fair share of weddings. I've written about difficult bridesmaids, being the best maid of honor ever, and the best wedding movies to watch. (My all-time favorite? Father of the Bride) But never ever did I think it would be this tough or stressful to plan my own wedding. Newsflash it's kind of hard.

Here are a few things that they (whoever "they" maybe to you) never told you about planning a wedding:

1. You'll want to elope (or call the whole thing off) no less than 3 times. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. And don't worry, it's normal from what I hear. I blame stress. And hormones.

2. If you can make it through the wedding planning, the marriage will be a breeze. These words of wisdom come from my mother. She's probably told me a dozen times and I'm starting to believe her. After all, we've already established that planning a wedding is hard, if not just a teeny bit stressful.

3. Everyone has an opinion. They are kind of like armpits and they all stink. I'd like to think I knew this going in, but not to the extent that it has been taken. Don't like the dress? Tough. Want to invite everyone we've ever known or talked to? Nope. You don't agree with the music selection? I don't care.

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When in doubt, hit 'em with the sass.

Pro-tip: Take everyone's opinion with a grain of salt--accompanied by a margarita--because those make everything better and you can laugh about everyone's outrageous opinions.

P.S. I've linked a few fun wedding things below! The one thing I like about wedding planning is buying all things Mr. + Mrs. because like what, I'm going to be a MRS!

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