Because I Said So: 5 Reasons Getting Your Braces Off Is The Best
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Monday, August 29, 2016

5 Reasons Getting Your Braces Off Is The Best

I've been waiting for today for two and a half years. I got my braces off! After years of tightening wires, new rubber bands, and multicolored power chains, I'm so excited to have them off and to not have to do that anymore. I now feel the joy that every other twelve year old before me experiences. It was a grueling 3 hours at the orthodontist this morning, but I survived and have a pretty new smile to boot. 

If you just got braces or are in the throws of getting your wire changed every month, there's hope. Here's why getting your braces off is actually the best thing ever (and what you can look forward too!):

1. No more wire tightening. 
Anyone that's ever had braces will tell you that the monthly checkups to poke around in your mouth and tighten your wires and basically cause you more pain, are the worst. Just as I would get over one tightening, they would tighten them again. 

2. My teeth are SO SMOOTH. 
I can't stop running my tongue over my teeth and looking at them in the mirror. They're so pretty! (No, really. I saw my impression that they took before I had braces and OMG my teeth were so ugly!)

3. I can eat whatever I want! 
I don't have to stick to soft foods or "braces friendly foods" anymore! OH HAPPY DAY! I ate rice and Starbursts and Skittles for dinner tonight and it was great!

4. I don't look twelve years old anymore. 
Whenever I had braces, I felt like I was always getting carded (not just for alcohol--I'm 25, but for R-rated movies too). Maybe I'll look closer to 25 than 12 now! 

5. I can smile with my teeth. 
When I had wires in my mouth, I felt like I couldn't smile with my teeth. I'd always "hit 'em with that soft smile." Now, I can't STOP smiling. And, I'm ready for my bridal portraits!

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